Advantages of Using Professional Small & Large Office Removals Services

Office relocations can be complicated and very, very stressful.  So much has to be done, and downtime that cuts into productivity has to be kept to an absolute minimum.  Not only do the furniture and technology have to be removed and reinstalled, but there are also usually employees with personal items and equipment that need to be moved safely and securely. 

The whole moving process has to happen quickly and smoothly, and time is always of the essence, to ensure that the move doesn’t affect productivity and operations within the organisation too much.  This is why it is absolutely essential that a professional provider of small and large office removals and relocations is used – failing to do so may result in a disaster that not only affects productivity, but also the employees, equipment and technology.  Most organisations that relocate – whether small or large – have to be relocated effectively, and have to have the necessary expertise and insurance at hand to ensure that the process moves smoothly. 

Confidentiality is also an aspect that needs to be considered. This means that finding the best provider of office removals is very important.  One of the best ways of locating the better office relocation services through by word of mouth, and it is often best to ask some friends or colleagues about some removal firms that they have worked with and that they can recommend.


  • Stress free:  Moving is one of the most stressful things one can do – and moving a business can be much more stressful than moving home, as there are a number of people, lots of assets, technology and time constraints to consider.  It is not just about furniture removals – it is also about packing, moving, and re-installing technology and other equipment, so that work can continue as quickly as possible.  Removal companies such as Elliott Afrovan have all of the expertise that is needed, and have technicians and trained staff that are able to complete the task with as little stress as possible.


  • Easy and fast:  It is easy to organise your move through a professional company – usually all it takes is one phone call to get a representative on site that will complete an inspection and give you a rate or quote for the removal and relocation.  From packing boxes to unloading and reconnecting networks and IT-based systems, all the business owner really has to do is make that phone call.  Our removal teams at Elliott Afrovan are skilled and experienced, and will help your business to relocate with as little inconvenience as possible.
  • Safer:  Professional removal teams are focused on client needs, and value the assets and belongings of the client.  Every individual item, no matter how large or small, is packed and transported with care and in a safe and convenient manner.  They also tend to have their own insurance, so that if something goes wrong, the client has recourse to recoup any expenses incurred or damage done to assets.


  • Value for Money:  It may cost a little more to hire professional removal services for the relocation of a smaller office, but when it comes to peace of mind, it pays to have the professionals do it.  Office relocation is a tough job, and it is not just about moving furniture from one place to another, it is about securing assets, safely transporting them, and getting the business up and running again as fast as possible on the other side.  It is certainly worth getting professionals to do this, especially when it comes to larger companies.  It may also be a lot cheaper than you think!

About Elliott Afrovan

We specialise in the professional removal and relocation of offices all over South Africa, and our highly skilled and experienced project managers are able to provide accurate quotes and high-quality service during your move.  We have a countrywide network of teams that is focused on giving our clients top-class service and a pleasant moving experience, and we strive to ensure that your move is as stress free as possible.  Our staff is dedicated to your needs and we work closely together as a team to ensure the best results.  We are sensitive to the particular needs of your business and make provisions for all of your specific requirements.

To find out more about small and large office removals with us at Elliott Afrovan, contact our team of experts today!