Relocation Services for Businesses

If it has become time to move to a new business premises, but you are not quite prepared to deal with the associated headache of the relocation ordeal, hiring professional relocation services may just be the solution. Whether you are moving long distance or just around the corner, professional movers can assist you to be fully prepared. The stress of a move can be effectively alleviated by a team of qualified and experienced movers. If you have been considering handling your relocation in-house, think again! Relocations are anything but quick and easy and if you plan to use your staff members to handle packing and loading/off-loading, you can expect to have a disgruntled lot on your hands, and probably suffer expensive damage and losses, not to mention downtime.

If you are considering professional relocation services, you are making the right choice. And we will tell you why.

Maintain Productivity

Being productive is imperative to the ongoing success of your business. Spending time distracted with packing boxes and files, and packaging equipment for the move, can cause your business to come to a grinding halt. And that means that your bottom line is going to suffer too. Professional relocation services will allow your staff members to focus on their regular tasks so that your business does not experience a dip in productivity and therefore a dip in profits.

Get Things Done Quickly

Making the best use of your time is good for business. Unfortunately, staff members trying to work while handling preparations for a move can be distracted and inefficient. Corporate relocation services are designed to quickly and efficiently start packing and moving, and get the unpacking done. Now, instead of taking days to prepare for and handle a move, you can get everything done in just a few hours.


Moving office involves lifting and moving of heavy furniture and boxes, not to mention expensive equipment. Injuries can result in worker’s compensation claims and if equipment and furniture are handled incorrectly, you could be faced with expensive repairs and possibly replacement costs. Do not drop that expensive photocopier! Professional relocation service providers minimise risk to your business and ensure that business can continue as usual while they get things done.

Save Costs

You might think that relocation services can be expensive, and while they do cost money, the expense will be considerably less than if you choose to handle the relocation yourself. How can you save? You can save in terms of downtime, stress and overtime if you make use of a professional corporate removals service. We ensure that our relocation rates remain competitive for both private household removals and business relocations.

What Makes Elliott Afrovan the Obvious Choice?

It is no secret that there are many office relocation service providers in South Africa. While competition is rife, not all relocation service providers offer the type of service and rates that please. We do not just move your office contents – we do everything! We pack it, carefully transport it, and unpack and install it on the other side too; now that is convenience. We offer a comprehensive relocation service that moves everything from your office furniture to your filing systems, partitions, safes, and more. We also have extensive experience in handling IT systems and heavy equipment. We can also work closely with your space planner to ensure that the furniture items are delivered to the correct areas and set up for you. Our other areas of expertise include warehousing, document storage, project management, and resource allocation, as well as fine art and piano removals. We have many years of experience in the industry and have honed our skills and optimised our services to ensure that we offer your efficiency and professionalism throughout your move.

Contact Elliott Afrovan for Affordable Yet Professional Relocation Services

If you have been shopping around for a professional relocation service provider and have not quite found what you were looking for, it is time to consider our services. Before we provide you with an accurate quote, we will send one of our team members to your premises to assess the effort and time required for the upcoming move. We welcome you to gather more information and advice on relocations by contacting us via email or telephone. Simply drop us an email or give us as a call at Elliott Afrovan today.