Tips for Choosing Between Relocation Companies in Your Area

When the time to move your offices arrives, you will have to do some research and planning. Once you have your own moving plan worked out, one thing remains to be done and that is choosing between the various relocation companies in your area. It is important to realise that not all moving companies offer the same type of service, rates, and reliability. Some might not even have the experienced required to move your particular type of equipment. Do your homework and choose wisely. Your chosen removal company should work together well with you and your staff members so that you can benefit from a smooth move.

Relocation companies are tasked with compiling a strategic plan for moving day. They are also tasked with ensuring that your company experiences minimal downtime. The right relocation companies will find no relocation too big, too small, or too complex. In fact, the company that you choose should have years of experience and the type of efficiency that will see to it that your company offices are moved promptly and without hassle. This should be done at a very competitive overall cost. Keep in mind that not every mover is capable and experienced enough for some commercial and industrial relocations, so ask questions and ensure that you are able to make an informed and educated decision.

Below are a few tips to help you choose between the many relocation companies on the market:

  • • Check references – it is important to investigate how previous companies felt about the service offered by their moving company. You should ask the moving company to provide you with three references from business and/or office moves that they have handled. In this way, you can ensure that the relocation company has the required experience and knowledge.

When comparing the various relocation companies, you will find that Elliott Afrovan offers a superior service and value for money. We have testimonials available for your perusal and offer insurance packages to cover loss and damage to furniture and equipment. We provide our clients with a personal consultation at their premises before the day of the move and will gladly provide you with a wealth of moving preparation advice and guidance. Our vehicles are also fitted with air suspension systems and tail lifts for the delicate handling of your valuables and equipment. We also have all our vehicles fitted with tracking devices, so that we always know where your furniture and equipment are at all times.

At Elliott Afrovan, we have taken the time to ensure that all our staff members are trained and skilled in the art of moving. Whether you have a complicated or simple move, you can expect us to pay the same attention to detail. When shopping around for relocation companies, put Elliott Afrovan at the top of your list. Simply give us a call or send us an email for more information and advice on your upcoming move today.