Reliable Relocation Services Available in Your Area

When there is an office move looming, there is also a lot to think about. Moving to a new business premises is not for the faint-hearted. In fact, it can be a fairly gruelling experience, even for those who have moved or managed a move a number of times. A successful office relocation will take time, effort and meticulous planning ahead of the time.

Many business owners are not entirely aware of just how stressful a relocation can be. In most instances, the majority of attention during relocation is given to finding a new business premises and thereafter, the actual details of the move may be overlooked. As you are bound to be busy with pressing business tasks and responsibilities, it makes good business sense to hire reliable relocation services. At Elliott Afrovan, we can assist you with your relocation and, regardless of how big or small the move is, you can be assured of our greatest care and attention to detail at all times.

The Elliott Afrovan brand has been involved in reliable relocation services for many years. We have spent a great deal of time and effort ensuring that our services are finely tuned and that every move is completed with a smile and with minimal glitches along the way. It is not only the collection and delivery of furniture and equipment that we handle. When we move you, we can pack boxes, dismantle furniture, and even handle highly sensitive IT equipment and fine art. At the new location, we can work with your interior design team to ensure that things are correctly placed and properly set up.

Who Are Our Clients? Now, That Says It All!

Who our clients are really do say a lot about our company. We are currently trusted by some great companies in South Africa and their support alone is a testament to our professionalism and reliability. We provide reliable relocation services to the likes of Alexander Forbes, Nestlé SA, Nedbank, SAAB, VW, and Zodiac. Our service excellence is what makes us the go-to company to offer reliable relocation services to so many big brands. We also help small and start-up businesses. No company is too big or too small for Elliott Afrovan.

Specialised Vehicles Provide Further Protection for Your Furniture & Equipment

You won’t find the Elliott Afrovan claiming to provide reliable relocation services and then rocking up in an old bakkie or van with inexperienced workers to assist. First and foremost, we have our own fleet of vehicles, each of which is fitted with air suspension and tail lifts. These go a long way towards protecting your valuables from potential damage (which can be costly). We also fit out fleet with tracking devices, so that we always know where your valuables are.

We Will Pack for You Prior To Your Relocation

With our packing service, we can fully prepare your workspace for the move. This means that your staff members don’t have to abandon their usual responsibilities in the days leading up to the move. Your staff members will be able to get straight to work on the other side while we take care of the finer details of setting up, unpacking and sorting everything out. We will work closely with you to ensure that your new workspace is even better than your last.

Additional Reliable Relocation Services Offered by Elliott Afrovan

Of course, our services are quite involved. You will find that we move all kinds of furniture pieces with the inclusion of safes, filing cabinets, partitions and office separation screens. Our add-on services include space planning, professional IT equipment relocation and the safe relocation of fine art. We can also rig heavy equipment and ensure that a time management schedule is set in place to ensure that everyone is on time, working according to the plan, at all times.

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If you would like to learn more about our reliable relocation services in South Africa, waste no more time. Book your relocation early to save on costs and to avoid disappointment. Contact us at Elliott Afrovan and chat to one of our friendly and professional consultants today.