Top Relocation Tips from Professional Office Movers

Businesses tend to relocate for a lot of different reasons – perhaps the lease of the current property has come to an end, other times the business has perhaps expanded and needs more office space, and sometimes it is because a more convenient location is required. Whatever the reason for your office move, there are some things that you have to keep in mind to keep the whole relocation process running smoothly. 

Remember that it is not just your assets that are being moved, it is your employees too, and they need to be supported during the process as well. Productivity is not just dependent on the employees, but also on the equipment, machinery, technology and systems that they use, and it is vital to get all of these working well (or even better than before!) as soon as possible after the physical relocation. Professional office movers know the business, and they make the following recommendations to help your office or business move go according to plan:

  1. Know what has to be moved and make a list: Inspect the current site long before the relocation has to take place and make a list of all the physical assets that need to be moved. If there are any pieces of equipment or technology that will require specific treatment, list this too. In addition to this, it is necessary to know the value of these items to ensure that insurance can adequately cover any damages suffered, should things go wrong.
  2. Look at office functionality: Consider how the business functions and how the different technologies and equipment used interact with each other, then find a way to combine technologies and assets in such a way that it will cause the minimum disruption. Also take the order in which the listed assets and technologies will have to be moved into account, in order to become functional again as soon as possible.
  3. Create a timeline and time frame: Co-ordinating a move can be difficult and often professional office movers have to be employed to manage and co-ordinate the move. It is essential that you have a time frame of the move, and that your office removals expert builds a timeline within this timeframe that lays out exactly what should be moved and when. It is also vital to build time into the preparation and packing for the move, and also the time that it will take to get everything up and running again on the other side.  The more that has to be moved, the longer it will take.
  4. Allocate resources where they are needed: From getting professionals in to do a project plan for the removal, to getting your technology consultants to help with the disconnection and reconnection of technology, ensure that you have allocated everything that needs to be done and that all the required resources are in place at the time.
  5. Plan ahead: Remember that you need to have the offices cleaned after you move out, and often you have to book this well ahead of time. Plan for everything that needs to happen before, during and after the move, and ensure that all the relevant professionals have been booked and confirmed long before the move takes place.
  6. Update your suppliers list long before the move: If you are relocating far away, it is particularly important that you have access to suppliers or vendors that will be able to supply your business with everything needed to continue production. Do your new vendor selection well before the move and put service level agreements in place where needed.
  7. Get the necessary updates done beforehand: Ensure that business cards, stationery, the website, and other information giving tools are updated with the new location well before the time. Having new stationery printed can sometimes take time, and it is best to have this done before the move to allow business to continue with as little interruption as possible.

If you have planned well and you are using the correct professional office movers, the relocation should go according to plan! For more detailed information about how to have a successful move, call our team of experts at Elliott Afrovan today!