Piano Removal Specialists in South Africa

11 Reasons Why You Should Use the Top Piano Removal Specialists in South Africa

Whether an investment piece, an oft-used instrument or an heirloom, pianos are a much-loved item in many South African homes. Now, if you have ever tried to move a piano on your own, you would know that this can be a mammoth task. Pianos are notoriously heavy, and with many moving pieces and fragile parts, these large instruments are easily damaged when not handled with the appropriate care.

If you have been wondering whether you need to make use of piano removal specialists or whether you can try your luck with just any removal company in South Africa – or even attempt it yourself – we may have some answers for you. Here are some excellent reasons why you should only choose the best piano removal specialists in South Africa to ensure a smooth move without incidents:

Pianos are really, really heavy

One of the biggest reasons why you don’t want to move a piano by yourself – or even with the help of a friend – is the fact that these instruments are exceptionally heavy. A relocation will go much, much faster with a professional team of specialist movers who can tackle it together.

They are also pretty large

In addition to being super heavy, pianos are also large, awkward-shaped items that require the efforts of a couple of removal specialists with experience in moving large objects.

The move might require rigging

What do you do if your piano is not on the ground floor? The same question applies to its destination. In a scenario such as this, you might require the services of piano removal specialists who can rig heavy objects to facilitate the move.

Avoid damage to the piano

Pianos require to be handled with care at all times. Between the decorative woodwork and the many delicate moving parts – as many as 7 000 in some models – there are many fragile parts that can easily be damaged. Avoid this by making use of experienced removal specialists who know how to handle a piano.

Pianos are expensive

If something does go wrong during the move, it may end up costing you. Parts and repairs are expensive. Instead of risking this, trust the professionals.

They often have sentimental value

It’s not only the monetary value but also the sentimental value of pianos that must be considered. Not all damage can be repaired or restored to exactly the original state, even if the cost of the repairs does not daunt you.

You want to avoid injury

It’s not only your piano but also yourself that you need to think of. Moving something so large and heavy can easily result in an injury, such as a pulled muscle, or even worse. Piano moving specialists know how to handle these instruments safely and efficiently.

Save money

While piano removal specialists will obviously cost you a fee, this decision could still end up saving you money. If any of the piano legs, strings or pins get damaged and have to be replaced. On top of that, you’ll also have to have it tuned. This could end up costing more than the professional piano movers.

The right transport

Not every truck or moving vehicle is suitable for the transport of a piano. A moving specialist should preferably have vehicles that are fitted with tail lifts for safe loading and unloading, and air suspension for safe transport.

Temporary storage might be required

What do you do if you don’t have space at your destination for your piano, or if the place is not ready for occupation yet? Find yourself a removal specialist that also provides storage solutions. This way, you will only have to deal with one service provider.

Insurance cover for added peace of mind

The unfortunate truth is that accidents do happen. Reputable piano removal specialists should have proper insurance coverage to ensure that you don’t sit with the loss if the mistake or accident is not your fault.

Where to find the top piano removal specialists in South Africa

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