Piano Movers Cape Town

Why You Need Professional Piano Movers – And Where to Find Them in Cape Town

You own a beautiful piano and it needs moving to your new place in Cape Town. If you are not making use of professional movers, chances are that you are going to struggle immensely – and let’s face it: that is just unnecessary.

Struggling is not the only problem you could face, which is why you really should consider using professional piano movers in Cape Town. Here are eight reasons why:

  1. Pianos Are Really Heavy

Have you ever tried moving one of these instruments on your own? Or even with the help of a friend? Sure, if you are simply moving it across the room or to the next room, and you can wheel it there, it requires a bit of strain, but it is doable. However, as soon as you have to actually move it out of the building, load it onto a vehicle, and offload it on the other side, it is a completely different story. Pianos are extremely heavy, and you will need help.

  1. They Are Also Bulky

It is not only their weight, but also their dimensions that make them so challenging to move. Pianos are bulky and it can be very tricky to get them through doors and down flights of stairs. Professional piano movers in Cape Town will have the necessary expertise to know exactly how to manoeuvre these instruments.

  1. They Can Get Damaged Very Easily

While they might look very sturdy and strong, pianos have many intricate and delicate parts, all of which can very easily get damaged during a move if you are not careful. From the beautiful woodwork, to the numerous strings and moving parts inside – even a small bump can leave permanent damage.

  1. And You Can Get Damaged…

More importantly than damage to an inanimate object: you can easily get injured trying to move these heavy, bulky objects if you do not know what you are doing. The last thing you want to happen on moving day is to sustain a serious injury that will greatly affect you for weeks to come… or worse, leave some permanent damage to your body. Professional piano movers have the strength and experience in moving large objects like these.

  1. They Are Very Expensive Instruments

One of the main reasons you would not want your piano to get damaged is the fact that they are very expensive instruments. Replacing or repairing may cost you thousands of rands – much more than the cost of making use of experienced piano movers in Cape Town. What’s more, they will probably offer insurance on any damage of objects while in their possession.

  1. Their Value Might Be Much More Than Merely Monetary

Even if you can repair or replace the piano, it might have sentimental value that is irreplaceable. For many, pianos are instruments that have been in their family for years, and the sentimental value of these far outweigh the actual cash value. Just another reason you would want it to arrive in one piece.

  1. Moving Pianos Often Require Special Equipment

Sometimes pianos require some dismantling before moving. They will also require special dollies, wrapping for safeguarding, or even rigging for heavy lifting. Professional movers in Cape Town should have all the necessary tools and equipment to move your piano safely and easily.

  1. You May Need to Store It for a While

Do you have the space for your piano? As a non-essential item, you may want to store it for a while before its new home is ready for it. Leading movers in Cape Town should be able to provide you with secure storage solutions as part of their services.

Why You Should Choose Elliott Afrovan

With years of experience as professional movers in Cape Town and beyond, we have all the knowledge and specialised equipment needed to execute each move perfectly, every time. This includes moving that precious piano of yours. With our fleet of specialised vehicles, highly skilled teams, and our own secure storage facilities, we are the solution you have been looking for.

So, if you need piano movers in Cape Town – or anywhere else in South Africa – give us a call today.