Office Removals Services to Suit Your Requirements

Office Removals Services to Suit Your Requirements: The Ultimate Office Relocation Checklist

Relocating an office or business is a challenging task. Numerous people need to be accommodated and there is a plethora of tasks that have to be considered and executed in an orderly fashion to ensure the success of the move. It’s certainly not a task to be taken lightly or approached in a “what’s next” type of fashion. Every move needs to be carefully planned to pull off the move without hurting the business’s performance. A single wrong move could result in serious losses for the business.

Now, all of this might sound daunting, but there is no reason to feel overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of this task. As with any challenge, this is completely achievable when approached with logic and patience.

First, break the task of office relocation into doable steps. Second, make sure you partner with a reliable partner that provides professional office removals services that suit your specific requirements. That’s what they’re there for – you are trained to run your business, while these service providers are skilled at making sure relocations happen swiftly and with the minimum amount of disruption.

Let’s start at the beginning. Having a checklist to refer to will help you centre your thoughts, tackle the tasks one at a time, make the process more manageable, and relieve the stress you might feel of possibly forgetting something during this tumultuous time.

It is important to note that there is not one checklist that will suit every single office scenario. Every business has its own unique features, requirements and restrictions to adhere to. What applies to one company might not be relevant to another. However, we have put together a checklist containing a number of general considerations that are applicable to most businesses to help you organise your thoughts and get started with your relocation project.


Your Office Relocation Checklist:


  • Check your current lease.

This would ideally happen before you make any commitments. See whether leaving your current premises early will incur extra costs or affect your deposit payout.


  • Assemble your relocation team.

Appoint people to take charge of certain aspects of the move and to delegate tasks. Clarity and accountability are key.


  • Follow up with your insurance.

Is your equipment, furniture and machinery covered during the moving process? Find out and adjust in time, as necessary.


  • Set a budget.

If a close eye is not kept on expenses, the cost of a move can easily spiral out of control. Set a budget and stick to it.


  • Notify your landlord.

Let your current landlord or property manager know about your intention to move and follow the agreed steps to give your official notice.


  • Find an office removals specialist to partner with.

Start researching office moving companies. See which moving company has the necessary capacity, the experience and reputable track record, and the necessary equipment to handle your move. Be sure to check the services they offer – a professional moving company like Elliott Afrovan provides everything from project management to specialised transport to space planning and office decorating. Request quotes.


  • Communicate with your team.

Make sure your employee contact list is up to date, and let all your employees know about the relocation, when it is happening, what the new address is, and what is expected of each of them.


  • Launch your external communications.

You need to let your clients or customers know early on about your change of address and when this is set to happen. You also need to create a master list of people and parties that you need to notify of your move, including your:

  • Bank and financial institutions
  • Insurance company
  • Telephone company and Internet provider
  • Suppliers, such as stationery providers, printer and photocopier service agents, food service companies, etc.
  • Relevant accounts departments


  • Involve your IT team.

Your IT team will need time to prepare for the relocation. Let them know as early as possible, allowing them to plan for the move and affect any system and hardware preparation that are required.


  • Create an office inventory.

Take stock of what you have, what the condition is of the items, and what you need for your new office.


  • Plan your new space.

Space planning is a vital contributor to the efficiency and success of any office. Take the time to carefully plan the layout in detail. This will also allow you to determine what current furniture and equipment can be transferred to the new premises, and what needs to be replaced or supplemented by new items.


  • Get in touch with an office furniture company.

You want to make sure that you get your order in for new office furniture in time for your big move.


  • Book cleaning services.

Do this for both your current and new premises.


  • Determine the accessibility of your space.

Since all your furniture, equipment and machinery needs to be relocated, they need to be accessible. Will they fit down the stairwell or in the elevator? If not, do you need a moving company that offers rigging services?


  • Accommodate for the relocation of special items.

Think of things like fine art. The same rules do not apply to fine art when it comes to moving. You need special packaging and handling with extreme care. Make sure you engage the services of an office removals company with the necessary skills and equipment.


  • Arrange access for the movers.

Notify the property manager who and when will be assisting with the move. Ensure they have access to the premises and parking space for the day of the move.


  • Create a moving day action plan.

Draw up a detailed plan that can be distributed to all your staff, so that everyone knows what to expect and what they should do on the actual day of the move.


  • Book storage facilities if necessary.

You may not be taking everything with you to the new premises. In this case, some items might need to go into storage. Make sure this space is available at the time of the move.


  • Sell or decommission old furniture.

Decide what you are doing with old furniture that you won’t be taking to your new premises. sell these, donate them, or arrange for recycling.


  • Be clear about packing requirements.

What will need to be accessed first on the other side? Is any sequential packing of files required? Do items need to be labelled in any specific way? Who is responsible for the packing and unpacking?


  • Disassembling and reassembling furniture.

Office furniture is often designed in such a way that it can be taken apart, which makes transport significantly easier. Does your office removals company of choice include this as part of their services? And do they reassemble it on the other side? This is vital information.


  • Create an emergency contact list.

Know who needs to be called in certain circumstances, create a list of these people and their contact numbers, and distribute it to all staff, as well as your office removals company team.


The Ultimate Office Removals Services to Suit All Your Relocation Requirements


As mentioned, the list above covers just some of the most vital steps that require attention during an office relocation. Some items might not be relevant to your business, while there might be a number of other tasks or considerations that need to be added to the list, depending on your specific requirements.

The good news is that you don’t have to waste your precious time trying to think of every little thing by yourself. Elliott Afrovan offers top-class office removals services countrywide for any company, large or small. This includes the services of a project manager, dedicated to your move.

Our highly skilled project managers will meet with your team to discuss the unique requirements of your business. Armed with this information, they will help you plan and budget for every aspect of the relocation. We cover it all – from planning, space planning and sequential packing, to specialised transport, fine art relocation and secure storage facilities.

Get in touch with a member of our team to discuss a full range of office removals services to suit your requirements. Your Elliott Afrovan Project Manager will accurately plan and quote your office move, based on a full site evaluation and survey.

As professional office movers, we have the necessary skills and equipment to make sure that your office relocation is as efficient and hassle-free as possible, ensuring that the disruption to your business is minimal. Contact us for a quote today and let us handle the heavy lifting for you.