Remember This When Looking for Office Removal Solutions to Suit Your Budget

Are you tasked with the responsibility of moving office? You’ll need nerves of steel – and an expert moving partner that knows what they’re doing. The process of relocating an office is an intricate one, and one that is fraught with challenges. You have a million things to coordinate, a business to run despite the interruptions, and all of this while sticking to a tight budget and an even tighter deadline.

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Now, it’s a fact that you won’t be attempting this mammoth project on your own. Any sensible leader will call on the experts to assist with office removals. After all, you’ll need a team of hard workers and a fleet of appropriate vehicles to move all your office equipment and furniture to your new location.

It’s easy to think that any team who offers office removal services will be capable of handling your relocation, but this assumption would be your first mistake. Your second would be to choose the cheapest option available. While the budget is certainly a very important factor and should be adhered to, you should look further than cost when you are choosing the right service provider to partner with.

When looking for office removal solutions to suit your budget, always keep these two things in mind:

  • Trust the experts

Anybody can claim to be an expert, but only a few are. As such, make that you choose a service provider with a demonstrable history of executing successful office relocations. A provider who has their own team of professionals, and who has the necessary equipment to pull off a professional move. Experience means faster service, better problem-solving skills, proactive risk mitigation, and an overall smoother move.

  • Never use multiple service partners when one will do

This is a rule that applies to all aspects of running a business. The more unnecessary parts there are, the likelier the chance of something to go wrong. When trying to stick to your budget, find a service provider who can deliver on all your needs or, at least, on as many of them as possible. More parties often mean higher costs. Furthermore, the fewer parties there are the more accountable they are for their role in the process.

What Are the Different Office Removal Services You’ll Need to Find the Budget For?

All office removal solutions are not equal. Executing a successful office relocation requires so much more than carrying boxes and driving a couple of trucks across town. Here are some services you may need (whether you realise it or not) so make sure you find office removal solutions that include these to manage your expectations and make your budget work hard for you:

  • Dedicated project managers

Managing an office relocation requires time and focus. Who will take responsibility for orchestrating all of the necessary tasks? Choosing an office removal company who provides a dedicated project manager allows your team to focus on your business – a vital requirement during this disruptive transition.

  • Packing and unpacking

Does the service provider offer packing and unpacking services? Or will you be paying your staff to do this? If so, this is a cost you need to factor into your budget. How about the sequential packing and unpacking of files? Furthermore, does your service provider of choice have the capacity to safely take your office furniture apart and reassemble it at your destination venue?

  • Specialised removal services

Fine art needs special packaging and transport. How about large and heavy equipment, or furniture on one of the upper levels? These might require rigging. Make sure your mover can handle these challenges.

  • Storage

What if you don’t need all your office content at the new premises, or want to store some documents for the time being? Instead of contracting someone else, how about choosing a mover that also offers secure storage facilities? This way there is less handling of your items.

  • Insurance

While best avoided, accidents do happen. Make sure your office removal company is sufficiently insured that you aren’t left with the loss if anything were to go wrong.

The Best Place to Find Office Removals That Suit Your Budget

Elliott Afrovan delivers on all the office removal solutions mentioned above, and more. Our countrywide network is made up of highly skilled and experienced teams who can help you plan and execute your office removal flawlessly, and according to your budget. Get in touch to talk to us about our outstanding office removal solutions.