Find a Team That Offers Professional Office Removal Services for Your Business Relocation

What sets one company offering office removal services apart from another? Is it just the cost? Many companies do not put enough time and energy into finding the right removal company and that is when mishaps happen. Unfortunately, choosing the wrong removal company can result in major losses for your business. The first way in which a business can lose is through the loss of or damage to equipment, furniture, and other items while being handled or while in transit. An unprepared and inexperienced moving company might take too long to prepare and finalise the move, which could result in unnecessary downtime, and this means bad things for your bottom line.

When it comes to office removal services, you need to have a mindset of “only the best will do”. A disorganised move will not only be tiring, but can set your business back in terms of time and money. It is important to entrust your removal services to a professional team and that means the team must have received training in how to handle all types of furniture and equipment items.

Well-Equipped Companies Offer Safe Office Removal Services

One of the reasons why you should only trust professional office movers with your relocation is that it is only a correctly equipped company that can guarantee the safe transit of your furniture and equipment. The professional movers can also offer you insurance for the transport of your items. At Elliott Afrovan, we offer insurance, meticulous care when handling your items, and vehicles properly equipped with air suspension systems and tail lifts for the transportation of your delicate valuables. For your added peace of mind, and in the interest of efficiency, all our vehicles are fitted with tracking systems.

Trained Moving Teams Will Handle Your Equipment and Valuable Office Items Correctly

There is a right and wrong way to do everything, including move items like furniture and office equipment. An inexperienced removal service will not be able to offer you the same efficiency and care as a professional team. Office removal services should not be provided by casual labourers. If something is dropped, bumped, or carried incorrectly, there could be damage to expensive goods, as well as injuries on the job. At Elliott Afrovan, we understand the risks and dangers involved in moving office. We believe that moving requires specials skills that everybody does not possess. We ensure that all our employees are trained in how to move items and how to best approach tricky or difficult situations during the moving process. This ongoing training ensures that your move is always handled with the best approach and in the most professional way.

Professional Office Removal Teams Offer All-Inclusive Services

If you hire a removals company that simply picks up and transports your goods, you should probably be expecting problems along the way. Professional office removal services should be all-inclusive. This means that they should include a packing service (to pack boxes and prepare furniture and equipment by dismantling them for transport), provide packing products (such as tape, boxes, and bubble wrap), and also provide a setup service for when your items arrive at the new premises. This means that your entire move is handled for you. There is no heavy lifting for your employees to do. It will all be professionally done for you. This can help to drastically cut back on the amount of downtime that your company experiences during a relocation.

Why Choose Elliott Afrovan to Provide Your Office Removal Services

At Elliott Afrovan, we put a great deal of time and effort into ensuring that our company provides customers with a service that is reliable, affordable, and efficient. With a number of years of experience behind us, we are up to date with the best moving practices in the industry. We are trusted by big brands in various industries to manage their relocations. Some of these brands include Nedbank, Alexander Forbes, Nestlé South Africa, and Volkswagen South Africa, to name a few.

If you would like to ensure that you receive the same efficient service as these top brands do, take the time to book your upcoming move with Elliott Afrovan. Our office removal services are designed for your move too! For more information and advice, contact us via email or telephone today.