Office Removal Services

Top Factors to Consider When You Compare Office Removal Services

Moving office is one thing if it is from one floor to another, or even the building across the street, but relocating an entire head office can be challenging at the best of times. Even when making use of professional office removal services, you cannot hope to keep the business flow going and communication open and not suffer large scale interruptions if you do not have a project manager to oversee the relocation.

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Aspects, such as a project manager on board; a team to handle the disassemble process, re-assemble process, and organised packing; and storage facilities form part of essential office removal services. So, let us consider the essentials required as part of office removal services, helping you to make an informed decision on which office removals to choose and which tasks to leave to the professionals while you focus on business operations.

Project Manager to Oversee the Entire Process

If it is possible to dedicate a staff member to facilities and project management, it will help a lot. Too many experts around the fire lead to mistakes. This is true also when it comes to a complex task, such as getting your team, their equipment, essential documents, infrastructure essentials, and the likes to the new address, all the while doing business.

You need a person that can take control and responsibility for communicating with the company that provides the office removal services. If you choose an experienced provider of removals, then you will have the benefit of a project manager specifically for your company’s relocation needs. The project manager keeps the strings together, communicates the essentials, sees to it that items are moved in the correct order and placed at the exact required spots, setting up procedures are followed to the dot, and nothing is lost in the process.

The project manager should have substantial experience in the provision of office removal services. The person helps to avoid miscommunication, reduces and side-steps risks, and keeps the move within the allocated budget and time frame, among many other aspects. With a project manager at the helm of the relocation process, you have a go-to person for updates on progress. Instead of you having to follow-up on processes, you are kept in the loop right from the start.

Disassemble Team or Your Staff?

Do you prefer that your employees disassemble their equipment and furniture? Or do you rather want them to focus on getting as much work done as possible during the disruptive period? Most likely, you will want professionals to take care of the disassembling processes as well. With office furniture often designed specifically to be taken apart for easier moving, the movers can handle the task efficiently. If employees handle the task, you risk damage to the furniture, lost screws and bolts, and even essential parts being misplaced. However, seeing how important it is to save space during transportation, it makes sense to disassemble furniture that can be taken apart. This also helps to get large furniture and equipment pieces through doorways.

Putting the items back together again at the new premises is just as important. You want this process to be completed as quickly and hassle-free as possible. Your employees are experts in other business operations. Putting furniture pieces together most probably does not rank high on their skills list for their job duties. Do not expect them to do it. Make use of office removal services where the disassemble and re-assemble processes are handled in an organised and super effective manner. This will make it possible for your staff members to walk into their new work environment and start operation immediately.

Packing Documents and Essential Stationery into Boxes

Do you want your employees to take responsibility for packing documents and their stationery for the move? If you want to save money, this can be a good idea. It is also worth doing if you are concerned that confidential documents may be lost or compromised during the move. However, packing takes time. In addition, not everyone is a master in fitting as many items as possible into a box. Besides, it is about more than fitting items into a small space. It also entails packing in the correct order to make the unpacking process easier. Also, having several employees work on packing increases the risk of confidential information getting into the wrong hands.

Rather have the task handled as part of the office removal services and keep your employees productive with income-generating activities. With expert packers at hand, documents and items are packed in an organised manner for quick and easy setting up at the new premises. These items are handled with care, and you have a complete audit trail of what is packed in which box. Minimise the risk of damage with expert help. The task can be completed quickly by the providers of office removal services because they already have the necessary systems in place, have trained staff to handle the task, and make use of appropriate packing materials to ensure the safety of the packed items. A specific sequence is followed to ensure the correct unpacking and placement of items to minimise workplace disruption.

What to do with IT Systems?

With office removals, most often the relocation of the IT systems remains the most challenging part of the operation. Working with expert movers, you have the benefit of having dedicated personnel at hand, using the appropriate equipment for moving the IT systems. As part of the services, consultants keep inventory, label items, and ensure proper disconnection before packing. Each item is properly recorded for easier setting up at the new premises. Reduce and even eliminate the risk of equipment and data loss by making use of the experts to handle IT system removals. As part of the services, the movers use trucks with special lifting equipment and suspension systems to ensure the safe loading, transportation, and unloading of the items.

Art Needs Special Care

The master art pieces in the boardroom, executive offices, and reception need special care. With paint being sensitive to sunlight, moisture, and dust, you will want to make use of office removal companies that offer services specifically to relocate expensive art pieces. Even the smallest scratch can significantly reduce the value of an art piece. To this end, use an office moving company registered with ICEFAT, which is a renowned network for relocating artwork in a safe and secure manner. In this way, you have the assurance of custom packing, bookkeeping, transporting, and placement of the valued art pieces.

What to do With Items That Must Be Stored

Rarely do office moves take place without some items having to be stored for a short- or long-term period. This can be the case if you have to move into smaller offices or have to wait before you can use a specific section at the new premises. Some documents, equipment, or office items may no longer be used, but you cannot throw the items out. Where do you go with those items? Fortunately, top movers also have state-of-the-art storage facilities to meet your firm’s short- and long-term storage needs. Elliott Afrovan has storage facilities to meet all your storage needs. This includes facilities specifically for fine artworks, IT equipment, furniture, boxes, documents, and more.

The facilities are exceptionally secure and include everything from electric perimeter fencing to 24/7 camera monitoring, alarm systems, and biometric access control, to name only a few aspects that set the company’s facilities apart from many other top storage facilities.

Insurance for Peace of Mind

Do not rely on your normal insurance to cover the goods while in transit. For one, the items are no longer at the premises where insured. You need the assurance that the goods are covered during the entire relocation period. Although unlikely, accidents can occur. Make use of professional movers that offer various insurance solutions to meet your particular requirements. Consider Elliott Afrovan’s insurance that has zero excess. With no red tape involved with claiming because of the company’s in-house insurance team tasked with the investigation, you can expect superb service.

Who Meets all the Requirements for Office Removal Services?

Elliott Afrovan ticks all the boxes. If you thus want a seamless relocation of your business, whether it isoffice- or warehouse-based, you can expect our team to put your relocation needs first. Get in touch with our movers for a consultant to give you an estimate after explaining the various office removal services.