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13 Office Removal Tips for Company Relocations in South Africa

As with any task in life, proper planning and a sound strategy is half the battle won. This little nugget of wisdom is never more applicable than when it comes to relocation of a business or office in South Africa. This is one of those tasks that is so mammoth, that has so many moving parts, where so much is at stake, that leaving anything to chance is simply asking for disaster to happen.

The most obvious and looming threat is that of business disruption. Will you be able to operate at all during the move, and if so, at what capacity? How long will this disruption be for, and how will it affect your business, your clients, and your revenue? Even after the physical relocation process, how long will it take for your office to be up and running? You need to balance the packing, disassembling of furniture, IT relocation, physical move, space planning of the new office, reassembly of furniture, and unpacking of boxes with managing your staff and clients all at the same time. And all of this needs to be done while you keep an eye on the budget…

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After all of this serious talk that might start to seem like scaremongering, there is also some good news. Aside from the very important advice of having a detailed plan for your moving project, here are 13 other important tips that can help you make your next office relocation in South Africa much more manageable:

  1. Start your planning as early as possible

We’ve already discussed the need for planning. But it’s also worth noting that you want to start planning as soon as you become aware of an impending move. There is much to do, and even if you don’t have all the details yet, it’s never too early to start planning. Give yourself as much time to avoid that frantic rush.

  • Talk to your building manager

If you are renting office space, speak to your building or complex manager even if your move is not yet confirmed. There are often a number of clauses, conditions and requirements relating to tenants evacuating premises in South Africa. You want to be sure that you are aware of all of these so that you can include any work that needs to be done in your budget and your timing plan. This can help you avoid the last-minute rush and any losses regarding your deposit.

  • Inform your IT department

This is another step to take as early as you possibly can. Planning the relocation of an IT network can take months, depending on the amount of hardware and the size of the network. Backups need to be done, hardware assessments and possible procurement need to be arranged, downtime must be planned, the new premises must be prepared… the list goes on. Most businesses are highly dependent on their data and connectivity, so extra care needs to be taken to avoid losses, unplanned downtime and resulting revenue losses.

  • Invest in a communication plan

There are a number of parties who have a vested interest in your change of location. These include your suppliers, your clients or customers, and most importantly, your employees. Depending on the distance of the relocation, your employees may well need the longest lead time in terms of warning about the move, especially if they will need to make new travel arrangements, or perhaps even relocate themselves. You also want all your employees on board with the decision, as you will need their support during this tumultuous time. Make sure that you have a clear and structured communication plan in place to keep them informed.

You also want to make sure that your suppliers are aware of the date and location of the move – remember to include services such as printer maintenance and stationery deliveries in this communication plan.

Lastly, you also want to make sure that your advertising campaign over the next couple of months addresses your move, if applicable, and that the date and location are communicated very clearly. This will give your supporters the necessary chance to adapt to the changes and minimise any potential loss in business.

  • Appoint relocation team leaders within the office

Identify those with good organisational and leadership skills and appoint them as relocation team leaders. Organising a move has way too many small considerations for one person to take care of. Delegation is key. Get your team to help by assigning certain tasks and responsibilities to people who can be accountable for these.

  • Start looking for a suitable office removal company in South Africa

As soon as you have a date, start researching local office removal companies. Relocating a business is a mammoth task and leaving this step until the last moment might mean that you can’t find a service provider that is available when you need them.

  • Ask whether the office removal company provides a project manager dedicated to your move

The last thing you want is to have to repeat your requests or requirements time and again to a different person at the removal company every time. This is a recipe for disaster as it not only wastes valuable time, but also opens the door for miscommunication and mistakes. A dedicated project manager will avoid this from happening and will be able to provide your company with the professional service you expect from the moving experts.

  • Choose an office removal company in South Africa that also handles the packing

Often, businesses in South Africa expect their employees to do the packing and the removal company to simply pick up and transport the boxes and furniture. This could seem like a time and money-saving option but remember that you are still paying your employees their full rate while they are busy packing boxes. Is this the best use of your budget? Or should they rather be focussing on keeping the business running during this disruptive period, while the professionals make light work of packing the boxes?

  • Does the office removal company provide specialised services?

Never assume. Also, never hesitate to ask. There is way too much at stake during a relocation project. Be aware of what you need and choose a service provider that can deliver on this, for example:

  • Sequential packing: If you’re working with physical files, these need to be packed and unpacked in sequence to avoid mass confusion and wasted time.
  • IT relocation: Special care needs to be taken with the packing and transport of sensitive IT components.
  • Fine art relocation: If your office owns any fine art, this also needs special care, including custom packaging and special transport.
  • Safe relocation: Do you have a safe in your office that needs to be relocated? These are heavy and pose several risks.

  1. Determine whether you need secure storage services during or around the time of your move.

Your entire move might not be headed straight to your new premises. Whether it’s because the new premises aren’t quite ready, there isn’t enough space, or you simply don’t need everything there all at once. you might require the use of a safe and secure storage facility. Instead of engaging an additional service provider, find an office removal company that offers storage services in South Africa that suits your requirements.

  1. Choose an office removal company with their own fleet of vehicles

This is often an overlooked feature. Choose a service provider that has their own fleet, as this means that the vehicles are more likely to be fit for purpose, and the service provider will take full accountability. Engaging a third party could lead to additional complications and costs.

  1. Check the insurance cover and claims history of the office removal company

No matter how professional the team is you choose, the unfortunate truth is that accidents do happen. Make sure that the office removal company you choose has sufficient insurance cover in place and that cover is included in the quote you get from them.

Looking at their claims history will also give you an indication of how carefully they work, and how likely you are to be reimbursed for your loss if anything were to go wrong.

  1. Request a free quote

Make sure that you know what you are paying for and that all the services you need are included in your quote. Never hesitate to ask for additions or amendments to a quote until you are happy that everything is covered.

In conclusion

Get in touch with Elliott Afrovan to discuss the details of your move and we will provide you with a detailed quote, custom made to cater to your unique office removal requirements.