Office-Moving Companies in South Africa

What to Expect from Top Office-Moving Companies in South Africa

It can be challenging trying to choose between the various office-moving companies in South Africa. Some offer an affordable price and others extra care and years of expertise. You must decide on what type of service you expect from your office mover. Are you looking to simply get items to other side, with little care about with how much care they are handled? Are you only looking to save on the cost of the move? Would you like to team up with a removals company that offers competitive rates and expert moving assistance? You will probably be most interested in the latter, especially if your furniture, equipment, stock, and other office items are of value to you.

When comparing office moving companies in South Africa, take the time to think about the type of service you are looking for and then search for a service provider that offers just that. At Elliott Afrovan, we can tell you what sets us apart from the majority of office-moving companies. In a competitive market, it is all about what we can do for you. And here is what you can expect:

A dedicated, on-site project manager. While we have absolute confidence in the skills and work ethic of our employees, we like to keep a close eye on what is happening before, during, and after a move. For this reason, we assign a dedicated on-site project manager or supervisor to every move. This person will ensure that the entire process of the move goes according to plan. And on the actual day of the move, they will be present to check that everything is being done correctly. Not only does this keep our teams working at a decent pace and upholding our company’s quality standards, but it also instils trust and gives peace of mind to our clients.

Professional packing service. The worst part of moving is the packing and preparing of furniture, equipment, stock, and documentation. There is bound to be a lot going on in your office before the move and you might find yourself struggling to find the time to do it all. Don’t worry, because we can do it for you. Our professional packing team will ensure that everything is boxed, bubble-wrapped, and packaged, ready for moving on the big day. Because we have moved many fragile and sensitive items before, we know just how to handle such items. If you have any special packaging and handling instructions, simply let us know before we begin the process.

Assistance with furniture dismantling and reassembly. It can be tough for the person running the reception area to dismantle their desk and reassemble it at the new premises. Much the same, it will be time-consuming for your other staff members to do similar tasks. To help save time and effort, we can assist with dismantling furniture for the move and then reassembling it at the new premises. This can greatly reduce your potential downtime.

A dedicated moving team. Rest assured that the team that deals with your relocation is dedicated to their job. All our staff are permanent employees and not casual labour. Once we have assessed the work involved in your office move, we will assign a team big enough to handle everything in the shortest space of time. We do this to ensure that you feel safe entrusting the relocation of your valuables to us.

Extensive expertise. The last thing you want to do is trust the removal of your expensive office equipment to someone who has no experience in the art of moving. At Elliott Afrovan, we provide extensive training and retraining to our staff members. This is provided on an ongoing basis to ensure that everyone’s skills are regularly updated and refreshed. Rest assured that every one of our team members working on your moving project knows precisely what they are doing.

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