Office Moving Companies Near Me

How Do I Decide Between the Office Moving Companies Near Me?

If you have ever moved to a new house, you know how much work it is. And, when you are relocating an office or business, the challenges, stresses, and considerations are multiplied. Your best tool for tackling this mammoth task is proper planning. You need an exhaustive list of tasks, prioritised in such a way that it causes the least disruption to operations. And then you need a task list or plan of action to execute your list. When planning a relocation, start by researching office moving companies near you. These service providers are experts at planning and executing relocations, and worth partnering with. But, before you choose one of the office moving companies, ask certain questions:

Which of the Office Moving Companies Near Me Has the Most Experience?

It requires more than a truck and a couple of hands to execute a smooth and successful relocation of a business. It is an intricate task requiring many different skills – think of moving specialised equipment, electronics, valuable items… You want a service provider that has a proven track record of successful relocations and testimonials you can follow up on. Furthermore, are there any office moving companies that have helped a business similar to yours move? This will give you the assurance that they have the necessary abilities to move your business with minimum disruption.

What Level of Support Do the Office Moving Companies Near Me Offer?

Again, relocating a business can be a tedious, stressful, and intricate task. It is a process that takes time and requires extensive planning. To ensure a smooth execution, it is also imperative that there is clear communication throughout between all the parties involved. You should only consider office moving companies that offer full-planning services to prepare for and guide the process, as well as a dedicated person or team that you can deal with. This ensures that you get timeous responses and it lessens the chance of a communication breakdown.

If Necessary, Do They Offer Specialised Services Near Me?

Moving regular office furniture is one thing. But do any of the relocation companies have the capability to deliver more specialised services if your business required it? You may need to consider things like:

  1. • The sequential packing and unpacking of boxes
  2. • The rigging of heavy equipment (e.g. if I have a production factory)
  3. • The ability to relocate IT systems
  4. • The expertise and skills to move fine art

Do They Have Their Own Fleet of Vehicles?

This should be considered a must-have. If you engage with a service provider, it is best if they take responsibility and not outsource to a third party. Also, what is their fleet like? Do they have sufficient and well-maintained vehicles with the necessary capabilities to handle the move?

Do Any of the Office Moving Companies Near Me Offer (Sufficient) Storage Facilities?

An often-overlooked aspect of business relocation is the need for storage facilities. This could be for the temporary storage of files and furniture during the move or until the new location is fully occupied. In some cases, it might also be necessary to store some of these items for longer periods, if the new site does not allow for it or if you do not want all the items at your new facility. If this is the case, deal with one service provider. This simplifies the process and also means that only one other party takes responsibility for handling the move.

Elliott Afrovan Provides Professional Relocation Services That Meet all the Above Criteria:

  1. • We have extensive experience in helping numerous small and large businesses move, including large corporations such as Nedbank, Nestlé, and Volkswagen.
  1. • We offer project management, time management, and resource allocation services.
  1. • Dedicated project managers are allocated to specific moves.
  1. • Our team consists of specialists with experience in the rigging of heavy equipment, moving IT systems, relocating fine art, and other specialised tasks.
  1. • We have our own fleet with vehicles that are specifically equipped with air suspension and tail lifts to ensure the delicate handling of equipment and furniture.
  1. • We offer secure warehousing and storage services.

If you are trying to find “office moving companies near me”, Elliott Afrovan certainly checks all the boxes.