Office Moving Companies in South Africa

6 Factors Not to Forget When Choosing Office Moving Companies in South Africa

Business relocation is a daunting task. With it being a far more complex exercise than residential furniture removal, it is essential to make use of one of the experienced office moving companies in South Africa, rather than utilising the services of a company that focusses mostly on residential furniture removals. To this end, we look at six factors to consider when you compare office moving companies in South Africa to determine which one can provide the required services to meet your service delivery expectations.

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1. Site Visit and Consultation

The one-size-fits-all approach does not work when it comes to office moving. Companies have different equipment, sizes, days they can afford not to be digitally connected, and more. The distance of the move, the type of equipment, and the urgency of the move are factors that can affect the quote. Choose one of the office moving companies in South Africa that offers site visits as part of their quote services. Their consultants need to see the magnitude of what is required to provide accurate estimates. The pre-moving survey helps to identify potential issues. It also provides you with the opportunity to get clarification on aspects, which may not have been discussed upon your initial contact with the removal company.

2. Vehicle Fleet Availability

Here the question is whether or not the company has its own fleet of removal trucks. Why is it important? Moving companies in South Africa that have their own trucks can offer removal services at competitive prices. In addition, should any of their trucks experience a breakdown on route, they can send a service technician to sort the problem or arrange for a replacement truck. They have control over the maintenance of their vehicles, ensuring maximum operational capacity. With their own fleet, they can effectively plan how many vehicles to allocate to a move.

3. Right Equipment for the Job

Choose one of the office-moving companies in South Africa that can guarantee the availability of appropriate equipment to move sensitive items, such as IT systems. They should have trucks that are equipped with tail lifts and air suspension to minimise the risk of damage to valuable electronic equipment during transportation.

4. Effective Security in Place

With consideration of the value of your company’s assets, including the data on your servers, it is imperative that the removal company’s vehicles are equipped with tracking devices. You want the assurance of the company knowing exactly where the trucks are on route.

5. Appropriate Packaging Materials

Environmentally friendly practices also extend to office moving tasks. Your firm’s sustainability profile is not just about energy efficiency and water savings. It is also about the choice of suppliers. In this sense, you will benefit from choosing a removal company that has eco-friendly packaging materials. In addition, they should have appropriate packaging for every type of item that they transport.

6. Experienced Crew

Choose one of the office moving companies with a proven track record of service delivery in South Africa. Experience counts, including when it comes to packaging, carrying, lifting, packing, and unpacking. You want to work with a firm that has been around for many years and has trained staff members for planning the packing, transporting, dealing with insurance, security, and more. Look for a firm that has done several types of office, warehouse, and industrial moves across South Africa. Such a firm has a long list of clients for which they have completed removal projects.

Where to Find the Best Office Moving Companies in South Africa?

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