Office Moving Companies

Looking for Office Moving Companies? Choose the Best

Relocating a business is a mammoth project that requires an intricate blend of logistics, and many challenges and risks to navigate. All, while still ensuring that the company functions as per normal, and everybody has the time and resources to perform their tasks. This is why it is vital to partner with experienced and trusted office moving companies. Someone who understands the hurdles, the needs and demands, and has the skill and equipment to guide your business through this process.

You need a partner like Elliott Afrovan. We go to great lengths to rise above other office moving companies, both in terms of the range of services we offer, and the expert and professional way we deliver these services.

Elliott Afrovan is with you every step of the way to ensure a successful move every time – from the planning phase to unpacking and installation at your destination. Whatever need you may have of office moving companies, we have it covered:

  1. We have a countrywide network: Whether you need to move locally or across the country, Elliott Afrovan can handle it for you.
  1. We provide you with a free quote: Unlike some office moving companies, we will provide a detailed quote free of charge, based on the specific requirements of your move.
  1. A relocation plan: To create the detailed quote, an Elliott Afrovan Project Manager will visit your site for a full evaluation and survey. Working closely with your Facilities Manager, they will then accurately plan and quote your relocation.
  1. You get a dedicated Project Manager assigned to your move: One of the potential pitfalls of dealing with office moving companies is miscommunication. When partnering with Elliott Afrovan, your move will be managed by a Central Contact Project Manager. This ensures a dedicated contact person to avoid crossed lines during this sensitive process.
  1. Our teams are highly skilled: The Elliott Afrovan teams are experienced movers and strive to always deliver the best service to make your move as hassle-free as it possibly can be. Fully trained staff are used for every move.
  1. We have our own specialised fleet: Some office moving companies make use of third parties to supply vehicles. Not us. We have our own fleet of vehicles, equipped with Air Suspension and Tail Lifts for the delicate handling and transportation of your items, including your sensitive IT system. All our vehicles are also fitted with tracking devices for security.
  1. We move IT systems: In addition to having the means to transport your IT system safely, we also provide an IT Relocation Project Manager to work with your IT department to ensure a smooth transition with minimal downtime.
  1. Full packing and unpacking services: During this disruptive time, your employees will have more important things to focus on that packing and unpacking hundreds of boxes.
  1. Sequential packing and unpacking of files: Filing can be challenging to move, especially if the order of the filing is highly important. With Elliott Afrovan, this is not a problem.
  1. We use eco boxes: We make an effort to reduce the waste we generate by utilising these reusable containers for packing wherever possible.
  1. We can take care of the rigging of heavy equipment: Do you have some large, heavy objects that need to be moved across levels? No problem. We have the skills and equipment to take care of this safely and professionally.
  1. We also move fine art: If you have a few precious items in your office that needs moving, no problem. We provide specialised packing and transportation services for valuable art pieces.
  1. We offer storage solutions: We are one of the few office moving companies who offer our own, secure warehousing solutions, including document storage facilities. Again, eliminating the need to involve a third party.
  1. You are insured: The safe transport and delivery of your items are insured. With an exceptionally low incidence rate, our insurers guarantee us speedy settlement with minimal red tape in the rare event of damage or loss.

So, when only the best office moving companies will do, Elliott Afrovan is your solution. Contact us today to request a free quotation.