Office Movers That Offer Storage

Why You Need Office Movers That Offer Storageand Why Elliott Afrovan

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is changing the business landscape. As it is, South Africa has the highest rate of SMEs failing within the first three years—then along came COVID. SMEs are the lifeblood of South Africa’s economy, and lockdown laws preventing businesses from operating coupled with rising costs and lack of consumer spending decreases survival. Many SMEs never stood a chance, with their only option to shut their doors.

Adapting is a Matter of Survival Than Choice

Over the past decade, digital transformation disrupted in-store operating models, and that’s when economists urged SMMEs to go digital. As South Africa remains in the dark about going back into another lockdown over the winter months, economists are already forecasting a COVID aftermath that will affect SMMEs for several years. 

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Adapting is now a matter of survival rather than choice, and businesses that heeded the call of economists by adapting to a digital-first mindset, survived. Going digital allowed many to minimise their overheads by retrenching employees, implementing successful remote working policies, selling off unwanted and redundant assets, and they also did the unthinkable. They moved from their pricey, plush urban-skyline offices to more convenient, spacious and affordable workspaces in the suburbs, locally and nationally. Here’s why.

Office Relocations Reduce Overheads

The past several months witnessed an enormous surge in businesses down-scaling and moving office space. Although lockdown has had a hand in reducing rentals, it’s still a significant monthly expense. Coupled with salaries, benefits, taxes, insurances, energy costs, equipment maintenance and more, it’s simply no longer sustainable. While moving costs are significant, many businesses have seen a significant decrease in their monthly operational costs through the efficient use of space and resources.

A Fresh Workspace Inspires and Increases Productivity Levels

With the global COVID-19 pandemic forcing businesses to adapt to survive, not only does moving office reduce unnecessary overheads, but it kick-starts a company into assessing the way it operates. Office relocations are the perfect catalyst for giving a company a make-over. They represent an opportunity for a fresh start, with new technology upgrades, open-plan social distancing cubicles, innovative ways of working, and meeting rooms for remote workers to collaborate. As a result, employees feel motivated and inspired, increasing productivity levels.

Household Movers Differ to Office Movers 

Aside from paying cheaper rentals and boosting workplace performance, SMMEs report moving to a smaller, more convenient workspace betters a company’s bottom line. However, finding an office removal company in South Africa is not as simple as searching for a home removal company. There is a vast difference between their services: household furniture removal companies transport the basics like beds, kitchen appliances, flat-screen, décor and living and bedroom furniture. Office movers dismantle and move cubicles, computers, servers, office light fixtures, photocopiers, telephones, garden equipment, contemporary furniture, art, and so much more.

If you’re a surviving SMME, your next obstacle is finding the right office movers to get your investment from A to B—and preferably without delays, theft, or damage. Moving a business to a new location takes a lot of planning, coordinating and time, and by using amateur moving operators could result in costly failure experience. However, you can expect a seamless move with zero disruption with professionals. To set the best apart, follow these three tips.

  1. Credibility and Licensing Matter—Moving office is a full-scale project that involves proper coordination and execution. Moving companies do not just move items from A to B. Moving professionals must disassemble, pack, move, store, unpack, assemble, and install your items without a hitch. The moving company will hire sub-contractors like IT technicians and engineers to dismantle and assemble the wiring, lighting and technology. Before you let strangers drive off with your investment, make sure they are credible and have the relevant licensing and insurance.
  1. Client Telephonic or Email Reviews are Priceless—Websites are merely portfolios, customised to outline services and brand values. Like social media campaigns that promise efficiency, reliability and excellent customer service, they mean nothing without a list of previous businesses that can back their word. Sure, website reviews are great, but they are easy to fake. If you want to know the truth about a service or product, ask the company for a list of clients they moved. If the moving company has nothing to hide, they won’t hesitate to share those details with you.
  1. Get Storage Options—Logistics can become complex during a move, and you might need extra storage. For instance—whether a local move or an international move, there might be a gap between your old and new lease, renovations might be in progress, or your office items arrive a couple of days before you arrive at your new destination. Furthermore, a storage facility is a great way to examine and minimise your office items before moving into your new premises. This means you would want to partner with office movers that provide secure storage facilities.

Many moving companies, especially established office movers, offer storage warehouse options. While some movers transfer items into a container without unpacking, others store specialised items like artwork, technology, and confidential documents in dedicated climate-controlled areas. Further, many of these warehouses boast 24-hour security, giving you peace of mind.

Office relocations are stressful with many risks that can cause downtime, low productivity and financial loss. Ultimately, your moving experience depends on the companies’ experience and their hoisting equipment, sub-contractor resources and storage facilities. However, if you want office movers that pack, take apart, transport, store, deliver and install—whether moving across the street or embarking on a long-distance move, Elliott Afrovan covers every moving service.

One of the Leading Office MoversWith a Country-Wide Network

At Elliott Afrovan, we specialise in office removal project management and storage services. Delivering solutions and services that minimise disruption and downtime and save businesses money, we view every move as a full-scale project that requires precise planning, coordination and execution, rather than a collection-and-delivery job.

As one of the leading national and international moving companies in the Southern Hemisphere with a country-wide network, we move hundreds of businesses each month, locally and nationally. We recognise the risks of moving investments as significant as office items, and our fleet has vehicle GPS systems, anti-smash glass, and satellite tracking devices.

Elliott Afrovan Provides Secure Climate-Controlled Storage Solutions

Our fleet is well-prepared for road crime, and our drivers and loaders have gone through vigorous training on packing, disassembling, loading, storage, and assembling. We use our quality boxes and packing tape and specialised moving equipment and tools to do the job safely, quickly and efficiently. Further, our national storage facilities put the Scorpion headquarters to shame, with security features like biometric access control, electric fencing, and 24-hour patrolled security guards. 

At Elliott Afrovan, we recognise certain items require different storage environments. Besides our ‘Fort Knox’ security measures, we offer various climate-controlled storage solutions that meet every requirement. For instance, we provide dust-free, fumigated, fire-protected pallet boxes for office furniture and open-plan storage for extra-large or crated items or industrial equipment, machinery and racking. We also offer document storage cartons and dedicated areas for storing artwork, sculptures, antiques, and other valuables.

Moving office is a full-scale project that involves a lot more than a driver and a couple of muscles to get the job done. It requires a credible, licensed office moving company with years of experience, exceptional storage facilities, storage insurance, and a team of highly skilled packers, movers, and hoisters. That’s the type of services we provide, along with our country-wide network of engineers, electricians, plumbers and IT specialists that come in after delivery and set up shop, so you do not have to.

With storage facilities country-wide—moving has never been more convenient and cost-effective at Elliott Afrovan. To find out more about our rates and specials, let’s chat.