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Whether you plan to move your corporate offices or your entire business to a nearby location or over a longer distance, you will need to take a bit of time to strategically plan the process. By hiring professional office movers, you can eliminate some of the stress involved in the process. At Elliott Afrovan in Gauteng, we have helped many businesses relocate. In fact, we have done it so often and so successfully that we (and our customers) truly consider our experts the best in the field.

One thing all business owners worry about during a move is how it will affect their productivity and bottom line. Unfortunately, there are always some hiccups that crop up along the way and customers are usually the ones that suffer. Hiring professional movers will free up some of your time to ensure that staff can cater to customers while the movers handle the packing, heavy lifting, and moving. Here are a few tips that can ensure that your customers do not suffer on moving day and the days that immediately precede or follow it:

  • Apply for and move your telephone lines to the new premises in advance. This way you can advise all customers of a change in contact details if necessary. You can also make sure that reception staff is made available at the new premises on moving day to ensure that incoming calls are professionally handled. Also, consider putting a call divert service on your existing number so that customers are not inconvenienced and at sea when they cannot get through to you.
  • Advise them your change of address well in advance and make sure that the signage outside your current premises reflects the upcoming move. Make sure that signage at the new premises is rigged and ready before moving day.
  • Ensure that your stationery including email footers, letterheads, and notices sent to customers reflect the details of your move and what the new location will be. If your customers are prepared for your move, they will be more understanding and less confused when the time comes around.


Of course, you are going to be presented with a number of choices when it comes to removal companies operating in Gauteng and we recommend that you take the time to compare them. We are confident that the value of our services speaks for themselves. Great qualities of a reliable removals company include a site visit prior to the move, accurate quotation provided (with no surprise costs and fees after the move), a team of skilled and trained movers with lifting power and experience to call on, a reputation in the industry for taking exceptional care of your furniture and stock, and having access to a fleet of vehicles that are specialised for moving purposes.

We provide ongoing training for all of our staff members to keep their skills current and our vehicles have air suspension systems and tail lifts to ensure that your goods do not suffer unnecessary bumps and knocks along the way. This provides great peace of mind to those business owners with sensitive and valuable equipment that must be moved. Of course, there is comprehensive damage and loss insurance available too. In the very rare event that you need to make a claim, we will ensure that it is promptly processed and paid out. We do not keep our customers waiting, regardless of the circumstances.

If you are interested in hiring our office movers, we welcome you to contact us to book a site inspection and to learn more about how we can help you to experience the smoothest, most hassle-free move possible. Contact Elliott Afrovan via email or telephone today.