Office Movers for Hire in Johannesburg

Office Movers for Hire in Johannesburg: Why You Need Them and How to Find Them

COVID-19 and the extended lockdown caused a massive ripple effect on the livelihoods of millions of South Africans. Globally, 25% of small businesses shut their doors in the first quarter of 2020, and by September, 90% of South African SMMEs were in crisis. As South Africa remains in partial lockdown, economists predict that the aftermath of COVID-19 will affect SMMEs for several years. As the aftermath forces businesses to retrench, shut their doors, or downscale, office movers are suddenly trending.

If you’re reading this article, then you are one of the few Johannesburg SMMEs that survived the 2020 lockdown. You are now making the smart move and down-scaling and moving your office to better, safer, and more affordable premises. That means you’re going to need to hire a workplace furniture removal company to get your investment from A to B – and in one piece. However, finding an office removal company in Johannesburg is a lot more complex than finding a mover to pick up and drop off your bedroom, lounge, dining room and kitchen furnishings.

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We have all heard the many horror stories about hiring movers off the street. Desperate to save money, you make the costly mistake of hiring a guy with a truck and two recruits with muscle. The driver talks the talk, and his price is generous. They collect and pack the valuables into a big truck…and here’s where things go wrong. They experience a hijacking, the vehicle breaks down, the pickup is in an accident, or they deliver your goods, only damaged. Last by not least, you never see the driver or your valuables again. These are the scenarios that can emerge when you hire amateurs to move your valuables, and we have not even included the damage of downtime and the possible lawsuits and worker’s compensation claims.

  • Disruption Costs Money and Moving Costs Time

Moving home is among the five most stressful events in a person’s life, and workplace relocation is no different. If 70% of employees say that moving office causes severe stress, one can only imagine the type of anxiety a business owner must feel. Moving office is often an exciting business venture. However, if executed incorrectly, it could be harmful to employee productivity and profit. Disruption costs money and moving costs time – and this is the reason to prepare for such an event with professionals.

  • Office Movers Have the Right Equipment and Tools

Office furnishings require the right equipment to lift and move without scratches and cracks. A professional moving company has the right boxes, equipment, and tools to do the job safely, quickly, and efficiently. In doing so, you will save money – from the cost of hiring a truck, moving, and packing materials, and hiring or purchasing equipment and tools, to the many downtime hours spent on unpacking and assembling cubicles, computers and furniture, which eats into your profit margins.  

AI is on the rise, technology is pricey, data is currency, and office furniture no longer comprises a chair and a desk. Cubicles, glass and metal furniture, fragile art, expensive equipment and computers, weighty servers, and tonnes of boxes of data make up the modern office. An organisation can hardly expect employees to dismantle, box the valuables, carry, and reassemble without fault. The burden is too much for employees, which is why the moving of an office is a full-on project that requires precise planning, coordinating, and executing.

  • Professionals Understand Risks and Have Insurance 

Professional movers work with speed and efficiency, minimising disruption and downtime. They use the right skills, tools and equipment to lift and carry valuables, and they also have driving and security and safety experience. Although opportunists are in every city, vehicle hijacking and robbery are a grim reality on the roads of Gauteng, shattering the safety and confidence of people throughout Johannesburg and Pretoria. While criminals plan most hijackings and robberies way in advance, one cannot trust any citizen with a truck and a couple of muscles to move such a valuable investment.

  • Vehicles Have GPS, Anti-Smash Glass and Tracking Devices

A credible, professional office furniture removal company recognises the threats they face while travelling with office valuables like technology and pricey contemporary art and furniture. Not only are they fighting the risk of hijacking and robbery, but there is also the possibility of damage and breakage. Can an amateur navigate these risks and will they have insurance if one of the above scenarios were to occur? Chances are, probably not. Professional removal companies have vehicle GPS systems, anti-smash glass, satellite tracking devices, and they provide insurance, so if something were to happen to your investment, it covers you.

Tips to Help You Hire the Best Office Movers in Johannesburg

Moving a business to a new location takes a lot of planning, coordination, and time, which is why hiring a workplace furniture removal company that specialises in project management, is the smart move. Nevertheless, as mentioned above, finding the right movers is not as simple as tearing a number off a poster in your local supermarket or hiring a friend-of-a-friend with a truck. Moving office requires a professional team that plans, coordinates, and executes – on-time without delay. Here’s how a little investigating can help you sift the elite from the standard.

  • Investigate Licensing and Dig Deep on the Internet

Finding a mover is easy. The hard part is to hire someone you can trust to deliver insurance, safety, security, and reliability of your goods. Similar to the services of a heart surgeon, attorney or accountant, credibility matters. First, find out if the company has a license and if they have insurance. Second, understand that websites and social media ads mean nothing without a list of previous customers that can tell you about their service. The internet is crawling with scammers, so if you want to avoid getting taken for a ride, read online reviews.

Bonus tip: If you can’t find a review or a client that used the mover’s services, then move on to the next candidate. If the company only has 5-star reviews, they are probably fake reviews. No company is perfect, and business owners do not hide negative reviews. They answer them optimistically, using it to better their services.

  • Consider Years in Business and Years of Experience

How long has the removal company been in business? It is important to hire movers in Johannesburg who are credible, experienced, and long-standing – because moving an entire office floor is not like moving home. Disassembling, transporting, and reassembling cubicles, boardroom tables, servers, office equipment, and more requires technical skill and labour. It takes experience to master a smooth relocation. Fortunately, professional workplace moving companies specialise in commercial furniture removals and the right skilled employees and equipment to move a business from one location to another efficiently within a time-frame.

  • Get Quotes and Follow the Rule of Threes

The cost of moving an entire office varies from one company to the next. However, companies usually base the price on weight, volume, furnishings, travel distance, and the hire of any sub-contractors like electricians and IT to reassemble and install lights, equipment, wiring, servers, and computers. Once you receive quotes from the moving company, make comparisons and select the one best suited to your needs and budget. Pro tip: Never settle for only one estimate, but always get at least three different quotes from the most credited and experienced movers for hire in Johannesburg, because your investment deserves nothing less than the best.

  • The Quote Must Be Transparent with Zero Hidden Costs

Professional office movers view each job as a project, rather than a pickup and drop-off. Their job is to get your valuables from A to B within time and without a scratch. An office move will involve sub-contractors, the use of their equipment, labour coordination, and execution, which includes assembling, disassembling, sub-contractor costs, and packing supplies. The quote must outline every step of the plan, and the pricing must be transparent with any add-on charges or additional fees that may occur during the move. Pro tip: before signing the dotted line, enquire about postponement and cancellation fees. It will surprise you to learn how much money you can lose by not reading the small print.

Office relocation is stressful with many risks involved and can cause downtime, low productivity, and financial loss if you hire the wrong removal guy to help you move your investment. At Elliott Afrovan, not only have many businesses turned to us to pick up the pieces of a disastrous workplace move, but we only specialise in office removal project management. That makes us the most credible movers in Johannesburg to get the job done.