The Office Movers We Recommend and Use

Those who have had the experience of being involved in relocating businesses are unanimous and they’ll all recommend that others, who are intending to do the same, engage experienced, specialised and professional office movers.

Why this emphasis on specialised office movers, one might ask. All too many people are under the mistaken impression that it’s a lot easier and simpler to pack up and relocate a business than a household, since the latter typically consists of a greater diversity of possessions, large and small.

A Household can “Make Do”

Although each type of relocation has a few similarities, each nevertheless has its own unique challenges. Occupants of a home can usually stay with friends or family or book into a hotel if there’s a glitch, or they may even make do for a day or two.

Downtime and the Bottom Line

However, business activities come to a halt from a certain point during a move and can only resume operations once all furniture, equipment, documents, IT and telecommunications systems are in place and properly installed at the new destination.

Up to this point, every hour of downtime costs money, or more accurately, loses productivity and income for the organisation. “Making do” is not particularly effective or efficient in a business environment and this will show all too quickly in the bottom line.

Additionally, no company owner or sales team wants their formerly loyal customers to transfer their allegiance and business to a competitor because they’re unable to have their orders met or receive services from a concern which is not fully operational. In business, loyalty isn’t very long suffering. Customers will go elsewhere if their requirements are not met; their time is also of the essence.

What Companies Want from Office Movers

Professional, competent office movers, of which our well-established company is a fine example, are expected to comply with or even exceed customers’ expectations, and those are many and diverse. We view each client and their relocation requirements as individual and unique, so we make an extra effort to understand their business and their needs.

  • • Prompt attention and attention to detail.
  • • Comprehensive site assessment and inspection.
  • • Assistance in planning your relocation, adhering to your individual schedule/time management.
  • • Minimal downtime
  • • Fully trained, experienced professional staff members and moving teams.
  • • Expert network throughout South Africa.
  • • Effective management of your relocation project and its resource allocation.
  • • Meetings, workshops and communication with your employees, updates and progress reports
  • • Reliability, honesty and integrity
  • • A good, solid track record and outstanding reputation.
  • • Contactable references.
  • • Excellence in all aspects, especially customer service.
  • • Pride in their reputation, work and company.
  • • Low claims volume with insurers.
  • • Work with your space planner/office designer and comply with stipulated floor plans.
  • • Their own vehicle fleet, fitted with tracking systems.
  • • Specialised vehicle fitment, such as air suspension and tail lifts to ensure safe, secure transport, irrespective of road surface hazards and loading/handling requirements.
  • • Knowledgeable routing of cargo.
  • • Equipment and expertise to handle heavy items, such as safes and pianos.
  • • Knowledge of relocating partitions, screens, documents and bulk filing systems.
  • • Moving teams with knowledge and capability to dis- and reassemble bulky furniture.
  • • Modern, well-maintained covered vehicles.
  • • No sub-contractors.
  • • A dedicated project manager for the duration of the contract (one main moving company contact person).
  • • Assistance with planning and inventory control.
  • • Regular progress reports, communication and meetings.
  • • Space planning and interior design expertise.
  • • Experienced, competent IT rigging and installation specialists in various centres.
  • • Own strong, secure packing boxes and protective eco-friendly materials to ensure that furniture is not scratched or damaged in any way and sensitive, delicate and/or precious items, such as fine art, are handled and transported with due care and caution.
  • • Fully, comprehensive packing and unpacking of boxes.
  • • Sequential packing of files.
  • • Likewise, sequential organised unpacking at the new destination.
  • • Safe, secure warehousing and document storage facilities, if required.
  • • A move which is as smooth, seamless and stress free as is humanly possible.


Even More

On behalf of our esteemed clients, large and small, we accomplish all that’s list above, and even more. In fact, our own business has relocated recently and we utilised the services of the best office movers we know and recommend – our own employees.