When is it Time to Move your Office

Change is always a constant, one is told, and sooner or later it is highly likely that the owners of most businesses and factories will have to contemplate a move of their office accommodation and/or production plants, for one or multiple reasons. One of the first questions most people will ask when told that a company is relocating is “Why”.

Upscale or Downsize

Increasingly, more businesses are relying on technology in order to perform optimally. As a result, some will be compelled to reduce the number of staff members that they require, whilst other office and industrial premises may become too small for a growing staff complement or more machinery, making a move to more suitable quarters necessary, if not essential.


New developments, decentralisation and urban decay also play a role. Yesterday’s prime position may be in the process of becoming today’s most undesirable location, particularly if conditions become less safe and secure for both personnel and visitors.


If “feet through the door” is an important factor for your operation, then it is crucial that your site is easily accessible, as no client enjoys struggling to find you or worse still, get hopelessly lost, fussed and bothered en route. Time is a precious commodity in today’s hectic commercial world and as is, traffic congestion on the roads invariably takes up a considerable amount of it.

Once you have found a potentially suitable building, it is wise to keep in mind that it should also be accessible for the majority of your current employees. Realistically, will they be able to commute to the new workplace?

Invariably, it will mean that some of them may have to travel further or set out earlier, in order to get to work on time, but moving to a completely distant area or town requires careful consideration.

Image and Visibility

Image and corporate culture are important aspects of sustaining and growing one’s brand. This aspect is more relevant to certain operations than others, as is visibility. Nevertheless, if your organisation relies heavily on attracting customers and being visible to passing traffic (potential customers), your new premises and signage should be located accordingly.


Parking is another vital factor to consider when looking for a suitable new location. After obtaining a physical address, most visitors will enquire about the availability of parking and where they might leave their vehicles.

Adequate parking facilities are essential for the convenience of customers and the security of their unattended vehicles. Likewise, your suppliers and vendors also need suitable space and loading bays or zones, plus a delivery and dispatch area, the size and configuration of which will depend largely on the nature of your particular operation.

Essential Planning

Now that you have considered all these issues – a lengthy, time consuming exercise, it is time to plan your move. Without a well thought out plan, it is all too likely that chaos could result. No business owner has loads of time to spare and devote to additional tasks, and this is where professional office moving companies, like ours, have an essential role to fulfil. 

Call the Professionals

We have the professional relocation team that you need, since we specialise in office and factory removals, rather than being generalists in the field. This allows our employees to concentrate and focus on providing the best, most efficient service of world-class standards.

Our plans are customised to conform with your requirements, from the planning stage, all the way through to successful conclusion, with the least amount of disruption to your staff members, productivity and daily functions.

The overall aim is to ensure that the relocation, in every aspect, is as hassle and stress free as is humanly possible, so that your income generating operation may continue virtually seamlessly. Your employees, key stakeholders, suppliers and customers should likewise experience little, if any, disruption.

Once your personnel arrive at their new destination, they should be able to resume their tasks without experiencing any additional workload. This includes optimal placement of furniture, and communications and IT systems and equipment.

We have trained and experienced IT rigging and installation specialists, space planners and decorators in all major centres, to ensure that these crucially important aspects are taken care of. Professional packing and safe handling of sensitive equipment is assured, whilst documents are packed and unpacked sequentially, so that no one has to search for anything at a later stage.

Easy or Demanding

Essentially, there are two choices for your office move; stressful, with loads (literally and figuratively) of extra work, attempting to co-ordinate everyone and everything and dealing with inevitable delays, or engaging our company to take care of all this and more.