Office Furniture Removals Johannesburg

6 Things to Consider When Planning Office Furniture Removals in Johannesburg

So, where do you start when planning office furniture removals in Johannesburg? First, you have to determine your specific needs, as no two businesses (or relocations, for that matter) are the same. Once you know what it is you need, you can start looking at companies who can assist with office furniture removals in Johannesburg. To help you get started, here are some questions to consider:

Are there any fragile items that need to be moved?

When you think of moving, the picture that comes up are usually that of packing and carrying boxes, and moving large pieces of furniture. The truth is, however, that office removals often encompass so much more than that. Fine art, for example, needs special packaging and handling, which is best left to the experts, to avoid damage. If you have any such items, you want to find a service provider in Johannesburg that can handle such items.

Do you need any of the furniture to be disassembled before moving?

Office furniture is often designed in such a way that they can be disassembled and reassembled as necessary. This can potentially make moving and transporting them much easier. Check if any of the companies doing removals in Johannesburg offer to do this as part of their service to you.

Do you require any special equipment to move certain items?

Not everything can easily be picked up and carried, even when you have a team of capable movers helping you. Some items are simply either too heavy, too large, or too oddly shaped, such as certain pieces of machinery, or extra-large boardroom tables that are not conveniently on the ground floor. If so, you might need rigging specialists to help you move these items.

Do you require special vehicles to transport certain items?

Whether an item is too large or too fragile, it sometimes requires more than a mere flatbed truck to move it from one site to another. If you do make use of a service provider doing office furniture removals in Johannesburg, find out what vehicles they use. Is it their own fleet? Do these vehicles come with air suspension and tail lifts for safe and secure moving?

Are the items safe and insured while in transit?

Another important factor to check is whether the service provider you choose have installed tracking devices on their vehicles, and whether they offer any insurance on possible damage or theft of your possessions during the moving process.

Are the new premises ready to receive the items, and is it big enough for all the items?

Sometimes, not all relocation dates align perfectly. Or perhaps your new premises are not suited for all the items you currently have. When looking for a company that does office furniture removals in Johannesburg, make sure you check whether any of these also offer secure storage facilities for any additional furniture or non-vital filing you want to store.

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