Leave Your Johannesburg Office Furniture Removals to Us

Some days, when it seems that the entire Johannesburg is blanketed under a thick canopy of clouds and rain is forecast for the whole day, it might be rather a nightmare if you are undertaking an office furniture move all on your own, without the assistance of removal experts like us.

Cost Consideration

In all businesses, cost, income, expenditure, loss, profit margins and the bottom line is always a matter of concern. This too extends to relocation fees charged by certain companies, which specialise in office furniture removal, particularly in and around the city of Johannesburg, the country’s economic hub where so many companies are situated.

As one of the leaders in this industry, we always strive to provide our clients with the best possible value, a key component of our outstanding service record and reputation for fair pricing.

A Word of Caution

Overall, cost should not compel business owners to take the DIY route or engage the services of the so-called “bakkie brigade”. Unless you have given thought to the process of packing and transporting all the concern’s movable assets and electronic technology systems safely from one place to another, you might think the exercise is easily accomplished by amateurs who offer cut prices, but beware.

Taking literal or figurative short cuts could end up costing you dearly if things go wrong, much more so when the move involves equipment and furniture, which is essential to the concern’s smooth operation and functionality.

Any and all downtime limits productivity and profitability, so therefore damage or loss sustained during relocation will be far more costly than merely the price of replacement or repair. One should take every possible precaution to avoid such eventualities.

Utilising the services of a reputable professional company that specialises in relocating factories and offices is without a doubt the wisest way forward and we would like be your partner in moving your organisation – forwards, onward and upward to even better business.  

The Big Stuff

Office equipment tends to be bulky and heavy. Frequently, this includes furniture which has to be dismantled prior to handling and transport, then reassembled at the final destination. An office safe is usually part and parcel of most businesses, and is an item which could be a headache to handle, unless one has the expertise and specialised equipment with which to do so.

We do. Moreover, our vehicles are equipped to allow for safe and secure on and offloading of all types of weighty cargo and rigging of heavy equipment. Bulk filers and other filing systems, partitions and screens, precious works of art and even pianos present no problem.

Precious, Fragile IT Systems

No modern concern can operate at maximum efficiency without functioning IT systems. Here, too, downtime has serious adverse implications. Such technology is very sophisticated. It is not merely a matter of unplugging on one side and plugging in on the other and off you go – you are operational once again. On the contrary, you require specialists who have the necessary knowledge and experience in dismantling and reinstalling these delicate systems, plus the ability to ensure that everything is functioning by the time your employees arrive at their new workstations.

Handling and transporting such fragile equipment safely is also a specialised function, requiring specific training. Our clients enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that we have teams of IT experts in all major centres throughout South Africa and beyond, who take the greatest care in all pertinent aspects of this speciality.

Space Planning

Optimal space planning is vital, long before your equipment is packed prior to arrival at the new premises, where every component of the IT and telecommunication infrastructure and item of furniture must have its dedicated position and place. Having to repeatedly alter an incorrect configuration is an enormous waste of time, money and resources.

In order to reduce the number of role players involved and maximise the ease with which a move is accomplished, our space planning and interior decorating personnel have the know-how and skill to assist here too. It is highly unlikely that anything will need to change position once installed and positioned.

Leave It to Us

Whether you are relocating your office furniture and equipment locally in Johannesburg, nationally or internationally, you can leave it all to us; our removals specialists are on hand to help you make the transition as easy, smooth and stress-free as is humanly possible for you and all your staff members.