Office Furniture Movers

Do Your Office Furniture Movers Do All This?

Your business is doing well and, as a result, you have come to a point where your needs have grown along with your business, including the need for a bigger space. Or maybe you are just moving to a more convenient location. Whatever the reason for the relocation, you are about to enter a very stressful period, which is why you need the right office furniture movers as a partner to assist you with this project to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible, and that your business does not suffer from potential disruptions.

There are so many tasks and responsibilities to manage when you are relocating a business, all while still keeping your company running during these tumultuous times. Which is why you really should consider making use of office furniture movers that can deliver a full-service solution, rather than try and coordinate the move with multiple service providers.

Before you settle on which office furniture movers you will be using, ask yourself these questions:

Will they assist you with the planning of the move?

It is no good if furniture movers simply show up to transport your office content from point A to point B. This is an intricate process that requires detailed planning. Do they have the expertise to guide you through the planning process, and is this included in their service offering?

Do they have a dedicated person to oversee your entire move?

Communication is key when relocating a business. With so many cogs turning at the same time, everyone needs to be on the same page to ensure a smooth and successful move. Does your service provider of choice have a central project manager assigned to your project – one point of contact that is on top of everything happening regarding your move?

Will they work with you to ensure a smooth move that meets all your requirements?

Each business has its own features and requirements. You need office furniture movers who will work with your Facility Manager, your IT Department and your team leaders to facilitate a smooth transition. Furthermore, they must be able and willing to closely align with your space planner and interior designer to achieve the desired results.

Can they move sensitive IT systems?

Moving an entire IT system takes a tremendous amount of planning. Furthermore, the tiniest bump or slightest heat exposure during the relocation could potentially ruin your IT system. You need office furniture movers that are experienced in moving delicate IT systems and are comfortable to move yours in line with your IT Manager’s recommendations.

How about heavy objects or equipment?

Do they have the skills and equipment for the rigging of large and heavy objects if required? Can they remove or deliver these items to multi-level destinations?

What about fine art?

If you have any valuable art pieces on your premises that need to move with you, you probably know that this is not as simple as putting the piece in a box and popping it on the back of a truck where you can find the space. It requires careful wrapping or special packaging, delicate handling and secure transport. Can your office furniture movers handle this?

Do they have their own fleet of vehicles?

As mentioned, you want to deal with as few parties as possible. So, you want office furniture movers that own their own fleet of vehicles. Preferably specialised vehicles with air suspension and tail lifts for the safe handling and transport of your company’s content. 

Do they offer insurance if anything happens to go wrong?

No matter how much you plan and how careful you are, there is always the smallest possibility that something unforeseen could go wrong along the way. If it does, what protection do you have? Are your service providers sufficiently insured to cover any loss or damage you might suffer? What are their terms and conditions around this, and are you comfortable with it? This is your livelihood, and you deserve the peace of mind.

Elliott Afrovan can confidently answer yes to all the questions above. We do all of that, and so much more. If you are looking for professional office furniture movers that you can trust to relocate your company hassle-free, look no further than Elliott Afrovan. Contact us today to request your free quotation.