Office Furniture Movers of Excellence

You and your employees are undoubtedly excited about and looking forward to moving to new premises, but in all likelihood, your office furniture relocation movers and their team are the only people who will be equally excited about the prospect of doing all the necessary hard work to get your goods to their final destination in an orderly manner.


Lots of Additional Work

One cannot really blame staff members for their lack of enthusiasm either. Moving office furniture and equipment means a lot of additional work, far different from typical white collar activities. If you are doing it yourself, it involves getting hands dirty and lots of packing, lifting, carrying and loading/unloading.


Extra Hours

Extra hours are usually required, frequently over weekends too. So don’t expect your staff members to be overjoyed at this prospect. If your operation is one which carries stock, which has to be counted periodically during a formal stock take, you’ll know that this is employees’ least favourite activity.

Packing and relocating ranks right up there alongside stock taking in the unpopularity stakes. If you make use of our professional movers, your employees will be able to continue with their normal tasks almost right up until their work equipment is ready to be loaded, whereafter all that’s required of them is their arrival at their new quarters, ready to continue with their daily responsibilities.


Complex Task

Moreover, transferring the operation with all its furniture and files isn’t a simple undertaking that can be accomplished at the drop of a hat, not even if relocation is your chosen profession. However, experience is invaluable in this field and our job involves carrying the burden on your behalf, literally and figuratively.


Logistics, Resources and Efficiency

Extensive training, years of experience and ample personnel, resources and infrastructure to handle the logistics of transferring a concern from one place to another in the most efficient manner, safely and securely, has enabled our company to become a leader in the challenging field of office removals.


Specialist Focus

Unlike many other movers, our focus remains firmly fixed on offices and factories. We aren’t generalist movers, but specialists in the true sense, giving us a distinct edge over many competitors in a highly competitive industry.

We allocate and coordinate specialist personnel for each aspect of the process, so that the entire exercise runs like a well-oiled machine, with minimal interruption and inconvenience to you and your operation’s productivity.


Time Waits for No One

Time is always of the essence in business, so therefore a critical part of our duty to you is getting yours up and running again in the quickest possible time, with downtime kept to the absolute minimum.

Wasted time, downtime included, costs and wastes money, adversely affecting your bottom line, something of which we’re constantly very aware. Ongoing attention is given to resource allocation and time management.


Planning and Coordination

Relocating an office or factory has many serious implications, if incorrect decisions are taken and adequate planning is neglected. We want to become your movers, right from the planning stage and onwards. To this end, one of our expert planning and project managers will be on hand to assist you every step of the way, beginning with an on-site evaluation and quote.

Constant liaison and coordination will take place with the person/people whom you designate as your key contacts and divisional staff members, as required, ensuring that everyone concerned is on the same page at all times and everything flows smoothly. Effective communication is vital.


Sensitive Systems

Qualified and experienced IT professionals are on hand in all major South African centres, to ensure that your sensitive systems are safely dismantled, transported and reinstalled, in adherence to the new space plan, ready to resume their essential functions. Close liaison with your space planner and decorators is assured.


Heavy Items

We rig bulky and heavy equipment, like safes, pianos and solid, heavy furniture, which requires disassembly, and reassembly is securely and competently handled. Screens, partitions, filing systems and bulk filers are all efficiently transported, whilst document packing and unpacking is done sequentially, making resumption of work simple and easy.


Vehicle Fleet

Our fleet consists of modern, well-maintained closed vehicles. Those used to transport heavy goods are equipped with tail lift systems, ensuring that no accidental damage occurs when loading and offloading weighty items.


Contactable Testimonials

Because of our excellent record in this industry and our commitment to superior service, numerous past clients have willingly supplied their contact details as a token of their appreciation. You’re most welcome to personally obtain testimonials about their office furniture moving experiences, prior to engaging us.