Moving Office? Make the Transition Easier with Elliott Afrovan

Despite best efforts, moving office is never a flawless process for a business. There is always something that was forgotten, some emergency that affects business operations and has far reaching effects on your company’s successful operations. As a modern business owner, you can avoid this as much as possible by partnering with industry-leading office movers in South Africa.

Don’t take on the gargantuan task of moving your office without the help and support of a dedicated and professional removals company. At Elliott Afrovan, we work hard to provide our clients with professional and competitively priced office removals, whether you are moving locally, regionally, nationally or internationally. Don’t worry about breaking the budget to afford your office relocation. Thanks to our industry-leading status, we are able to keep our rates competitive, while still offering you incredible value and professional solutions.

There are three major stresses in life – the birth of a child, a divorce and a move. We can’t help with the first two, but we can help ease the stress of the latter. We bring many years of experience and expertise to the office removals market. Our team has fashioned a service approach to help make moving office as seamless and effortless for our clients as possible.

Thousands of Office Removals Each Year

We take care of more than ten thousand relocations every year, and we are southern Africa’s number one office removals company. Throughout the years, we have built a solid reputation in the industry as a leading office removals company, providing international and local moving services to companies throughout southern Africa.

No two moves are identical. It’s because of this realisation that we have introduced comprehensive services and solutions to provide our customers with a truly customised and managed moving solution. Whether you are moving your office across the country or across town, we have the affordable solutions to make moving office less stressful and better managed.

Our team of professional office movers visit you at your premises to perform a pre-move survey, entirely free of charge. It is here where we inform you of all the benefits associated with partnering with us, as well as assess your precise needs. Let us help our pre-planning teams to plan a successful move for your office. We discuss your needs and requirements, and make sure that you get the best service that is in line with our industry-leading reputation.

You deserve the best value for money and excellent quality service, and that is exactly what we strive to deliver with each of the ten thousand moves we head each year. There is no need to suffer through a stressful move that will disrupt your employees and company even more than it should. Instead, leave all the details to us and let us help you take care of every aspect of your office’s move.

Is Your Office Dependent on IT Technology? No Problem! Our Project Managers are Here to Help

Our Office and IT Relocation Project Managers are seasoned professionals and experienced in organising and facilitating office moving projects. We know that all modern businesses are dependent on telephony, internet and other IT solutions to keep their wheels greased and running smoothly. Every corporation’s move is managed by a professional and experienced Central Contact Project Manager tasked with working closely with the Facilities Manager and other team members from your company.

They plan your office move and adhere to all the specific requirements, in order to meet deadline and other end results. Let our Project Managers accurately plan and quote your office move, based on a full site survey and evaluation. The IT and Office Relocation Divisions are experienced in the safe handling and rigging of all IT equipment, ensuring that your assets remain safe during transit.

Wherever required, we take care of disassembly and reassembly of office furniture and other items, so as to ensure an even smoother transition to your new office premises. We truly endeavour to take care of every aspect of your office’s move to help you hit the ground running at your new premises as soon and easily as possible. Contact us at Elliott Afrovan for a comprehensive quote on moving offices in South Africa.