Move All Your Office Furniture and Equipment

Choose One Company with the Capability to Move All Your Office Furniture and Equipment Safely

Your business has grown tremendously. That is great! Congratulations! But, now your current location is too small, and you need to relocate to accommodate your entire team and operations comfortably. This is still fine, until you realise what a nightmare it can be to relocate a business if you are not fully prepared. Even under the best of circumstances, this is a stressful event. How on earth are you ever going to manage to move all your office furniture and equipment?

The answer is, of course, to partner with a professional relocation company. They have the necessary expertise to guide you through the process and to navigate you around potential risks and challenges, thereby alleviating a lot of the stress related to the logistics of moving. However, where possible, choose a relocation company that does not only have the know-how, but also the resources to move all of your office furniture and equipment without having to outsource any of these tasks.

Why Is It Preferable to Select One Company to Move All Your Office Furniture and Equipment?

As is very often the case in business, it is beneficial for a variety of reasons to cut out the middleman, and to keep the stakeholders in a specific project to a minimum. The same goes for when you plan to move all your office furniture and equipment. The following benefits may apply:

  • You could save significantly on costs – Instead of a supplier passing on the costs, plus markup, of a third-party supplier, you only pay the one supplier directly.
  • There are fewer chances of damage or loss – The items exchange hands less often, and you work with the primary team that you trust and have built a relationship with, rather than an unknown supplier that adds an additional step to the process.
  • More accountability – When you choose one service provider to move all your office furniture and equipment, they are solely responsible. As soon as more players enter the process, there is more chance of pointing fingers and denying responsibility.
  • You enjoy easier communication and fewer misunderstandings – The process of relocating a business is complicated enough. Adding more touchpoints along the way poses the risk of a “broken telephone” where not all parties are aware of the latest information. You need one contact person you can trust.

If you want a single service provider who can move all your office furniture and equipment, you need a relocation company that has the necessary knowledge, ability, and resources to:

  • Move large and heavy equipment – Do they have the manpower and large enough vehicles to transport your office equipment? And, can they perform rigging of large equipment if and when necessary?
  • Expertly move filing – In addition to the capability to move all your office furniture and equipment, you may also need to move physical filing. If this is the case, you need a company that provides a full service of packing and unpacking boxes, especially including the sequential packing and unpacking of files.
  • Safely and securely move fine art – If you have fine art in your office, you should know that transporting this is not as simple as taking it down and putting it in a truck. Any scratch, chip, or dent can be detrimental. You need a mover who understands this and has the experience to properly pack and transport art.
  • Relocate your IT system – This is one of the most important aspects of relocating a business. IT equipment is very sensitive and requires proper transport vehicles equipped with air suspension and tail lifts to ensure the most delicate handling of these items. Furthermore, it is preferable for the vehicles to be fitted with tracking devices to ensure the security of your valuable IT equipment.

Elliott Afrovan is a trusted and experienced office relocation company that ticks all of these boxes. We have all the capabilities and resources to move all your office furniture and equipment safely and securely. In addition, we have the expertise to assist with space planning and will assign a Central Contact Project Manager to your move to ensure that everything runs smoothly at all times. Contact us now for a quote.