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Avoid Potential Losses and Downtime When you Move – Hire Elliott Afrovan’s IT-Relocation Services

If you have not put much thought into how you will relocate your IT equipment in your upcoming office move, now is the time to do so. If you do not plan correctly, or do not hire professional IT-relocation services in South Africa, your business could suffer major losses in downtime as well as equipment. Imagine the negative impact that data loss or having to replace entire systems could have on your organisation. Even if you hire IT-relocation services, there are a few tips to ensure that the move is a success.

Ensure that your moving plan includes IT-relocation plans for peace of mind. To ensure that your business suffers no downtime, make sure that, when your staff returns to work, their computer systems are up and running. Plan for it. Do not wait until the day of the move to disconnect equipment or the first day of work to reconnect and set up. Make sure you get it all done timeously.

Do a data backup in advance. Accidents happen and sometimes, IT equipment may suffer damage. Make sure that you do a complete system backup so that you can retrieve your data, regardless of what happens to the IT equipment along the way.

Pack equipment correctly to avoid unnecessary damage. If you do not know how to pack IT equipment, chat with your IT relocations-services team. In South Africa, all moving companies are not equal, so make sure that professional assistance is available when packing and preparing your IT equipment for the move. Relocation companies should have packing advice and a range of packing materials to offer you.

Take a close look at your existing IT equipment and retire obsolete items. If you have been waiting for a long time to replace office printers, computers, scanners, and other IT equipment, the time of relocation is ideal. Instead of carting old, outdated, or obsolete IT equipment with you, recycle, sell, and dispose of what you will not need. Then have the new equipment delivered directly to your new business premises.

Coordinate the setup and all the departments involved. Have a meeting with the IT department and office staff to draw up a plan of the new office space and to set out where each piece of equipment must go and where all power ports and Internet connections are connected. Make sure that the office space is equipped as required and primed for a quick and easy installation when moving day comes around.

Do not skimp on insurance – you might pay the price later. While rare, accidents can occur and sometimes IT equipment can go missing or become damaged. Make sure that you take out insurance on all your sensitive IT equipment to ensure that any damage or losses are covered. Do not suffer a major financial loss due to poor planning or saving a few rand.

Hire a company that is experienced enough to avoid human errors. Make sure that the removals company you hire has experience with IT-relocation services. This will save you a lot of headaches and also ensure that your equipment is handled correctly when being moved. Knowledge and experience can make a big difference! Have a meeting with the removals company before the move to draw up a list of each item and to give them ample time to prepare for moving precisely the type of IT equipment that you have.

Choose a removals company with the right equipment for a safe and convenient move. IT-relocation services in South Africa can be a breeze or a nightmare. Do not fall victim to the wrong moving techniques! Your chosen relocation company must have the right equipment, such as tail lifts and air suspension systems or their vehicles to protect sensitive equipment from potential knocks and bumps along the way.

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