Office Movers – Hire the Best and Most Reliable

Companies seldom, if ever, decide to move office premises at the drop of a hat. An office move is typically discussed, decided upon, and planned well in advance of the actual moving date, because relocating premises is a complex matter, not to be undertaken lightly or in haste. An office move may have a direct impact on and consequences for the business, its customers, vendors, and staff members.

Office Mover’s Overall Responsibilities When You Hire Them

Another vitally important party is also directly involved in the proposed office move and its successful, timely outcome – the office movers. The folks whom you hire to accomplish your relocation will be expected to assume responsibility for relocating your business and all its furniture and equipment, such as files and filing cabinets, screens and partitions, records and documents, valuables, safes, and IT systems. As such, the movers should be one of the very best, most efficient, and most reliable specialised firms that operate in your current and new locations.

Time Sensitive

Every business functions according to the clock. Time is money, literally. The company has set business hours, during which the company operates and is open for business. At the very least, staff members are expected to be reliable, arrive for work on time, perform their appointed tasks and duties productively, to the best of their respective abilities, and then only depart for home at closing time or the end of their particular shift.

By the same token, during the organisation’s working hours, its personnel is available to assist and serve customers or clients, receive deliveries, and dispatch products. All support structures, particularly IT systems, must be functional on a 24/7 basis to cater for varying time zones and differences. Without a reliable, well-functioning IT system, most modern businesses would be at a virtual standstill.

Reputation for Reliability

During an office move, the movers that the company hires to conduct the relocation procedure must be 100% reliable and ideally have a good reputation, past records, client testimonials, and a low claims history with their insurance companies, which reflect their competence and reliability.

Consequently, no organisation which cares about its business’s bottom line and sustainable future, plus its productivity, performance, personnel, and customers, should consider hiring anyone else, other than movers with a reputation for reliability throughout each and all aspects of their clients’ relocation processes.

Tips in Order to Identify and Hire Reliable Relocation Experts

  • What can you learn about their reputation for reliability?
  • Are they reliable timekeepers, sticking to their and your schedule, as much as is possible?
  • Does the relocation company make the contact details of previous clients available for independent, direct verification and testimonials?
  • Does the proposed relocation company carry insurance for your loads?
  • Are the movers transparent about their insurance claims history?
  • In which geographical areas does the relocation company operate and have an active presence?
  • Is assistance in planning and budgeting for your move made available to you?
  • Does the company have the experience required to safely dismantle, pack, handle, transport, and reassemble IT and other office equipment, including furniture, fine art, cabinets, files, and documents?
  • Are competent packing services available, if required, using packing materials supplied by the movers that you envisage hiring?
  • Do they sub-contract or hire vehicles that are suitable for moving a varied load – heavy and cumbersome, as well as delicate and fragile, or use their own, well-maintained fleet?
  • Are vehicles fitted with special air-suspension systems to ensure a smooth transportation process and tail lifts for loading and offloading both heavy and fragile goods, plus a reliable vehicle tracking system?
  • Can you hire storage space, in case your company cannot be relocated to your business’s final destination immediately following the vacation of your current premises?

You’re invited to browse through our informative website to confirm that our comprehensive services comply with and, in some instances, exceed the listed and other requirements for a reliable, hassle-free business relocation

Moving offices is a serious undertaking that is best accomplished by our reliable office movers who are serious about what they do, the impact their service has on clients who hire them, and in acquiring a reputation for service excellence and reliability.