Get Professional Help with Your Office Move

Don’t Settle for Amateurs: Get Professional Help with your Office Move

It has been a year since the World Health Organisation declared COVID-19 a global pandemic. For the first time in decades, the future looks uncertain, with the aftermath of one of the biggest business challenges of our time. We do not know if, or when, we might return to normalcy.

Lockdown has thrown a spanner in the wheel, changing how and where people do their jobs. Many SMEs have had no choice but to shut their doors, while others allowed for employees to work from home. However, not all companies can follow suit. Amid mounting economic turmoil and the permanent devastation left by 2020s Level-5 lockdown, entrepreneurs down-scaled, moving from the city to the suburbs.

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Workspaces are Changing

As economic uncertainty means expansion for some sectors and downscaling for others, most entrepreneurs believe there is no going back to what was. Along with the decentralisation of office spaces, the disruption over the past year is forcing a work-life reset like never seen before. Forecasters see a fresh, new path in terms of workplace location and design. There is an increase in companies moving away from the city to more convenient, spacious, and affordable spaces in the suburbs. Whether it is to set up social distancing cubicles, decentralised collaboration meeting rooms for remote workers, or just down-scaling office space, moving companies have never been busier.

The Benefits of Hiring Professionals

If you’re an SMME on-trend with down-scaling or decentralising, the best advice is to get professional advice with your office move. Investments as significant as a business deserve the best office movers to help do the job safely, efficiently—and preferably without delays, theft or damage. That means your choice of movers can be the difference between a costly disruption and a seamless moving experience—from collection to delivery to installation.

Moving costs timeand disruption costs money

They say that moving home is among the five most stressful events in a person’s life. If that’s true, can you imagine moving an entire office? Corporate furniture is unlike standard home furnishings. There are heavy-duty furnishings, like contemporary glass tables, cubicles, desks, cabinets, chairs, art, and décor. Furthermore, computers and servers require IT specialisation to disassemble, move and assemble.

Corporate office furnishings also require the right equipment to hoist without damage, unlike moving standard bedroom and lounge furniture. Moving companies hire skilled professionals to handle everything with care, using the right tools and equipment to do the job safely, quickly and efficiently. They arrive with a moving truck and a team of skilled packers and hoisters. Using their packing materials and tools, trained professionals pack your office, dismantling cubicles, computers and furniture. 

Once carefully packed onto the truck, they drive your valuables to your new premises, where they unpack your office according to your floor plan, assembling cubicles and furniture. Most professional moving companies outsource engineers and IT to connect appliances, lighting, and computers and servers, assuring the workspace is 100% operational, minimising productivity loss. As you can see, moving costs time and disruption cost money, and those are the top reasons to get professionals to help with your office move.

We move Hundreds of Businesses Locally, Nationally and Internationally

We have given some invaluable reasons to get professional help with your office move—but you still need to find a mover. We like to follow the rule of three on this one which entails getting at least three referrals and do your due diligence. You could also cut out the legwork, and partner with South Africa’s top national and international moving company, moving hundreds of businesses locally, nationally and internationally each month.

Moving office is nerve-racking, with many risks causing downtime, low productivity and financial loss. That’s if you get the wrong professional help. At Elliott Afrovan, our services are all-inclusive—from packing, loading, transporting, storing, unloading, and installing to set-up. We manage each move as a project, delivering solutions and services that minimise disruption and downtime and save businesses money.

Not only are we the go-to movers for local and national relocations, but we pick up the pieces of many disastrous workplace moves. That makes us the most professional office movers in South Africa to execute a seamless, stress-free move for you.