Things to Consider When You Get a Quote from Office Removals Experts

At Elliott Afrovan, we understand how stressful and difficult an office or operational relocation can be. We know it is not just about moving your assets, but it is also about changing the environment that your employees work in, which can be stressful for all parties involved. We also know that your company assets are valuable and that you probably have some information that you need to be kept confidential, and we understand that your technology needs may be more complicated than most people will think.

In order for you to make a smooth transition, it is necessary to get a quote from office removals experts to ensure that they (and you) know exactly what is entailed in the move, and what exactly will be expected once you reach the other side. It is vital that anybody you use to carry out your office move is able to deal with all the intricacies of your particular business environment – whether it is a large production or manufacturing plant with heavy machinery, or an office environment with complex IT networks or other types of technology. We realise that often our customers are not fully aware of what is entailed in a move, and what seems to be needed on the surface is quite often more complex once the environment is fully analysed. This is why you need to consider a few facts before you get a quote from office removal experts.

Ensure that they can:

  • Analyse the situation and environment correctly: It is crucial that a project manager visits your site to carry out a full analysis of what exactly the move will entail. The types of objects that have to be relocated, related systems, hours of production, off-time, number of employees, the complexity of the systems and technology, number of on-site experts (to offer assistance) and a range of other factors have to be carefully studied and analysed. Risks have to be identified – be it risks to equipment, systems, production times or relocation – they all have to be mitigated to the maximum, and certain things must be put in place or tasks performed to reduce these risks as much as possible. 

If you want to get a quote from office removal experts that can take care of all your moving needs and give you a quote that provides serious value for money, give our team of removal specialists a call at Elliott Afrovan.  We will ensure that your move is handled by a specialist workforce that knows everything about the office relocation business!