Fine Art Logistics Johannesburg

The Relocation of Fine Art to or from Johannesburg: Getting the Logistics Right

The immense value of art is undeniable – both in terms of the beauty and enjoyment it brings to our lives, and the actual monetary value of rare collector’s pieces. These works are often also very fragile and can be damaged quite easily when moved, if not taken care of properly. This is why the logistics surrounding the relocation of fine art is such a specialised service and why you would not trust just any amateur mover in Johannesburg with a van with this precious task.

Handle with Care

It is specifically the fragility of fine art that leads to the requirement of much more sophisticated logistics when moving these items in and around Johannesburg. As items with high value, and that can get damaged very easily by a mere bump or scratch, great care has to be taken when relocating these. Even the tiniest nick, dent or mark can mean a significant loss in value.

Relocation is a Complex Operation

With so much at stake, the logistics around the relocation of fine art to or from Johannesburg is without a doubt strictly a job for the experts. It is an intricate task with many requirements, requiring proper planning and preparation even before a single piece is moved.

The logistics of moving fine art in and around Johannesburg can be broken down into six sections:

  1. Confirming Insurance

While all care should be taken to move fine art without any incident, accidents do unfortunately happen from time to time. This is what insurance is for. However, it is wise to check whether insurance covers damage and loss during relocation. Also make sure that the logistics company you partner with in Johannesburg has proper insurance in case of an accident, damage or theft.

  1. Measuring and Planning

The next step would be for the logistics company to take proper measurements of the dimensions of the artwork, including size and weight. This information will be important in planning the packaging, loading, storage and transport of the fine art pieces to or from Johannesburg.

  1. Packaging

Unlike moving home or office contents, you cannot simply wrap fine art in old newspaper and stuff it into a box. Often, custom-made crating is required that has to first be produced according to the measurements of the individual items. Also, not all packing materials are suited for all artworks, as the material could potentially be damaging. This is why the packing should be left to a trained professional with experience in handling valuable artwork.

  1. Lifting and Loading

Now that the items have been packed, it needs to be loaded onto the truck (or whatever method of transport has been deemed suitable). The way this is done will depend on the shape, size and weight of the individual items, as well as the accessibility. In some cases, rigging might be required. In all cases, utmost care must be taken to ensure the safety of the items.

  1. Transport

When it comes to the actual transporting of the fine art to or from Johannesburg, it is important to choose a logistics company who has its own fleet of vehicles. This is to avoid engaging third parties and thus increasing the risk of something going wrong. When you work with one service provider only, it is easier to build a trusting relationship and ensure accountability. The fleet in question should also be suitable for the transport of fragile items, including features such as tail lifts and air suspension.

  1. Storage

As you can tell by the intricate logistics laid out, relocating fine art can be a relatively time-consuming project. Because of this – or a number of other reasons – storage of the pieces might be required along the way. Now, similar to the packaging, not just any warehouse in Johannesburg will do. You need a safe storage space with 24/7 security, climate control, restricted access and a reliable inventory and tracking system.

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