Why You Need an Expert Office Removal Team for Your Office Relocation

When it comes to office relocations, it is wise to know that they differ significantly from residential or home removals, and it is essential that an expert office removal team is used to pack, transport and unpack your assets during the move. It can be heavily disruptive to a team or any working environment to go through a move, and using office removals that are not well versed in how these things should work can be disastrous.  Every minute used for the move is a minute that could be productive, but if you use the correct experts, they can strategise your move so that it causes as little disruption to the productivity of the business as possible. 

Different strategies are used to minimise disruption:

  • The move can be staggered and carried out over a longer period of time

This means that while one department or section is moved, that the others can carry on with their daily work.  This does mean, however, that both buildings will be occupied at the same time and it may increase the cost of rentals. Where departments are heavily reliant on each other, it may be a problem if one department is operational and another not, and certain problems may arise, such as lack of data capture or follow through. Other problems may be that the move could take much longer than anticipated and that the expert office removal team will require more payment.

  • The move can take place after hours or at night

If a business is small enough to relocate during one or two moves outside of office hours, this is usually a good option. Larger offices will take longer than a couple of days to relocate. Keep in mind that it is not only the actual removal of assets from one location to another. There are other factors, such as the disconnection and reinstallation of computer systems and networks, that could impact on productivity. 

  • Doing the move over a weekend or public holiday

This is a good strategy when more time is needed to relocate all the assets. Moving during a public rest time, such as the festive season or Easter weekend, will cost more as the removal team will have to work during these holidays.

Certain problems may creep up – such as staff members being suspicious of another person packing up their belongings and they may feel that they want to do this themselves. This should be fine, as long as sturdy, prescribed containers are used and they are clearly labelled to ensure that it doesn’t get lost or mislaid. Theft can also be a concern, but if an expert office removal team with proper references and expertise is used, there should be very little concern about theft during packing or transportation. Most professional removal services will also have their own insurance that safeguards them (and you) against damage that happens during the move, removal trucks being hijacked or stolen, or accidents that may take place during transportation. It is essential that you take heed of the value of your items and ensure that the insurance cover is adequate to protect all your assets during the move.

Moving takes a lot of energy and can be very stressful for employees and business owners alike. Moving to a different environment often takes people from their usual comfort zone at work and they may become frustrated if equipment and computer systems don’t work properly on the other side. Experts recommend that only professional removal experts are used in order to minimise the stress for all involved, as people who work in this industry know a lot about the best way in which to carry out a relocation and also what the most stress-free options are. For some employees, it may be to help with the move, and for others it may be to completely stay away from it. The expert office removal team will be able to help you make an informed decision about how exactly the move should take place, and suggest ways in which to minimise the stress and effects of the relocation on staff and customers.

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