How Expert Office Relocation Services Can Benefit Your Business

Relocating your business can be exciting. The concept of a new environment, new people, a fresh start and better opportunities can be very alluring – who wouldn’t be drawn to the idea? Unfortunately, relocating comes with its downsides too: the actual planning, preparation and physical relocation! No one really gets excited about the actual, physical move, and that’s why so many companies opt for expert office relocation services. The benefits are many, with time and cost savings being on the top of that list.

We could rattle on about the fantastic services that we offer at Elliott Afrovan – we have many and they are quite exceptional, but we’d rather focus on advising you on a few of the benefits of partnering with a professional relocation team when it’s time to move business premises. Let’s take a look:

  • Better time management – the best time spent for your business is the time spent on tending to clients, making sales and dealing with daily admin. Time spent packing boxes, moving them and then unpacking them is simply time wasted. Expert office relocation services will afford you the opportunity to continue focusing on daily business tasks and operations, even while your office is in the middle of relocation.


  • Proficiency and efficiency – unlike anyone else in your office, professional relocation experts are trained to pay attention to the finest details. When your office is packed up, it is done with precision. There won’t be a mad scurrying around after the move to locate misplaced boxes, documents, files or equipment. Professional relocation teams will have everything organised to the point of knowing precisely where every packed box is at all times and where those boxes need to be when they get to their destination.


  • Quick and easy set up – have you ever tried to watch your staff members dissemble and reassemble office equipment and machinery? Chances are high that it would make for a very good team building exercise, as it’s anything but easy. Of course, assigning these tasks to your staff members will merely distract them from their daily objectives, so you can expect a drop in productivity and that means a drop in profits too. Professional relocation services will handle all of the tricky delivery, unpacking and setting up for you. Assembling of equipment and furniture is made light work as teams are experienced in the task and also have all the right tools required for the job. Nothing gets put together quicker than furniture and equipment handled by those with the experience to do so.


  • Safety – now we know that your staff members aren’t out to cost your business money, but chances are that boxes, furniture, equipment, machinery and all the little bits and pieces that make up your business mean less to your staff members than they will to your dedicated relocation team. When working with professionals in the field, you can expect the utmost care and every precaution to be taken to ensure that no damage is sustained and that everything arrives at its destination in precisely the same condition as it left the previous one. Of course, there’s also insurance available to ensure that any unexpected accidents are covered – and promptly too!


  • Cost efficiency – you might initially think that handling the relocation will be cheaper if you use your own team of staff members and the vehicles that you have available to you. The reality is that it’s not. Moving places a great deal of stress on the entire time. When privately handled, your business will experience downtime and a time of immense chaos, as the unpacking and setting up takes place. Instead of losing a few hours or a day of productivity, you can expect to lose a few days if you choose to handle the move yourself. You will find that it works out to be far more affordable to hire a professional relocation team to assist you.


Tired of worrying and stressing about your upcoming office relocation? Employ our expert office relocation services and worry no more. With the professional moving management of our experienced team, your office relocation will feel like a dream. Waste no more time, contact us via email or telephone to arrange a site assessment and quotation today.