Our Company’s Approach to Executive Relocation

In our experience at Elliott Afrovan, one has to take an executive approach to become a credible, bona fide executive relocation company that operates according to top-level, world-class executive standards. Moving a top-notch corporate company from one location to the next premises requires far more than strong men with bulging muscles and a willingness to work hard, plus a supervisor to oversee the move and one or more trucks with which to accomplish the relocation.

Not that Simple

It’s just not that simple – not if your office moving company ascribes to and practices professionalism, outstanding customer service, and the level of excellence that is paramount for successful executive relocation companies that are engaged by leading South African concerns, which recognise, value, and insist on only using reliable and professional office moving companies.

Understanding Professional Executive Relocation Services

At Elliott Afrovan, our understanding of executive relocation extends beyond mere moving of all the client’s office furniture, moveable office partitions, filing cabinets, files and systems, important documents, kitchen equipment, corporate crockery and glassware, heavy safes, IT and communication equipment, fine art collections, and the company’s individual security system.

To us, executive relocation includes the imperative that the relocation company’s personnel be comprehensively trained and experienced in an extensive number of relocation skills backed by cutting-edge, professional relocation equipment. This we do, without fail or exception, at Elliott Afrovan.

Professional relocation includes the dismantling of all IT and communication equipment and packing it securely, thus ensuring that it can be safely transported to the new premises. The same applies to furniture items and other office appointments that are too large or heavy to be moved and transported as a single, intact unit.

At the new quarters, the reverse process must take place. Undamaged goods that are in the same condition in which our movers encountered them, must carefully be unpacked and assembled again, and also put back into working or functional order in their exact specified new locations, as soon as possible. Only once this has been accomplished can the company’s normal business activities resume.


Without the use of most or all of these vital operational aids, work is at a standstill. The company loses precious productive hours (days or weeks) and potentially, a great deal of money. Downtime means that their customers may look elsewhere to place their orders, and their vendors may find other customers to service and supply. Inevitably, unproductive employees must be paid their normal incomes.

While a certain period of downtime is also inevitable, we strive to keep this to an absolute minimum and do so, successfully. We don’t adopt a blanket, one-size-fits-all approach to executive relocations. Each and every office move we undertake is carefully planned in conjunction with the client’s appointed relocation personnel, space planners, relevant utility and service providers, and facilities managers.

Together, as partners and/or as a coordinated team, we select the least disruptive dates and times for the company’s move to take place – with minimal disruption and downtime. This may involve external parties at both the old and new locations, depending on the nature and situation of the business’s move.

Central Contact Project Manager

As soon as you’ve accepted our free quotation, one of our Central Contact Project Managers will be appointed and allocated to your executive move, ensuring that you know whom to contact, instead of having to deal with a battery of people. This dedicated project manager liaises with your company’s internal team members, as well as associated external service providers, providing every possible measure to prevent glitches and delays.

IT and Office Relocation Experts

Additionally, our IT and Office Relocation Managers and their trained, experienced teams, situated in all major business centres in South Africa, have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to see to the safe, secure packaging, handling, transport, and rigging of all your invaluable IT equipment and specialised, cumbersome items, such as safes.

The packing and unpacking of company files and documents are undertaken sequentially and systematically at both premises. Once your employees arrive at their new workplace, they’re not faced with unpacking and storing a multitude of files and papers. They’re able to commence their normal working activities, almost at once.

Our executive relocation services, in the capable hands of our company’s office moving specialists, ensure that your move is as hassle- and stress-free as is humanly possible, with minimal delays and maximum success.