Discover What it Really Means to Experience an Easy Office Move

A seamless or easy office move might seem like a myth, but believe it or not, there are many businesses that get it right. “How?”, you might ask rather incredulously. The answer is simple: it is all about being prepared. A business that treats a relocation as a project is the business that gets it done right, first time around. Also, hiring a professional relocation company to assist with the move is a great step towards alleviating some of the stress and chaos often associated with a move, for you and your team.

At Elliott Afrovan, we have been around the block a few times. We have seen it all: simple-, difficult-, big-, and small moves. The fact is that we have learned a lot along the way, and we would love nothing more than to share some of our expertise with our clients and potential clients. That being said, below are a few of our top tips to ensure an easy office move.

Plan in Advance

Whether your move is in a few weeks or a few months, there is no such thing as planning too early. As soon as you know that you will be moving, a list (or lists) needs to be drawn up. This list should cover a timeline for tasks that need to be completed. At the earliest stage of the game, start collecting packing supplies. You will need boxes, packing tape, paper, permanent markers, bubble wrap, etc. You should also use the early days to start a bit of spring cleaning. Any devices, paperwork, and furniture that the business no longer needs should be recycled or sold.

Search for the Right Moving Company for You

Even the simplest office move can turn into utter chaos if you use the wrong moving team. Put your company’s needs as a priority when shopping around. Search for a moving company with experience and that trains its moving staff. Movers should have knowledge of packing and preparing office items and furniture for the move. You should check what time they can move you, what the cost will be, and what sort of track record they have. The internet is great for doing a bit of research. Ask about the vehicles that they use, and what additional packages and services they offer, such as insurance and packing help.

Schedule Your Move to Suit Your Business

All businesses are different, and because of that, you should schedule your move. If your business operates mostly at night, plan your move during the morning hours. If your business is quiet over weekends and busy on weekdays, schedule your move for weekends. Most moving companies are available, and sometimes even more affordable in the middle of the month, as the end of the month is a busy time to move.

Keep Employees Informed and Involved

Make sure that you let your employees know about the upcoming move before they hear it from someone else. The premises change could impact your employees negatively (for example: transport to work), so it is best that they are aware of this. Also, encourage them to be actively involved in the process by sorting through cabinets and cupboards, packing items, and getting rid of things that the business no longer needs.

Create a Map of Your New Office Space

If you can, work with your removal company on space planning. Drawing up a map of your office space with a walk-through is a great way to ensure that when furniture and office goods arrive, they go directly to the correct spot. This will save a great deal of time, stress, and effort for both you and your employees. A space plan and map can also help you to design an ergonomic work space that boosts productivity and team morale.

Elliott Afrovan Ensures an Easy Office Move

When it comes to an easy office move, we consider ourselves to be pros in the industry. We know all of the industry tricks and tips to ensure that moving day is a pleasure for you and your employees. Moving a business can be anything but easy. That is not the case with Elliott Afrovan. If you would like to learn more about our office moving services and our associated rates, contact us via email or telephone at Elliott Afrovan today.