How You Can Attain Incredible Savings by Making Use of Professional Office Furniture Movers

Office relocation is a daunting task best handled by professional and affordable office furniture movers. Working with a team of experienced office furniture movers saves you time and money. Going with the best company is more affordable than you think.

Here is why you should not compromise on the relocation service provider:

Reduce the risk of financial losses associated with damage

A reputable company will have their own well-maintained fleet, experienced crew, and the required equipment to carry, load and transport from highly sensitive equipment, to boxes and heavy office furniture. The risk of damage is thus significantly reduced. The experienced and affordable office furniture movers have already mastered the best techniques for getting your company’s movable assets from one place to another.

Expert advice is readily available

How many times have you moved office? Chances are that your company does not regularly relocate. Therefore, you most probably do not have a team on board specifically to plan and execute such a mammoth task. True, you may have experienced project managers and team coordinators, but an office move is a specialised function, and getting free expert advice from professional office movers is thus to your benefit. They can help to reduce the downtime associated with moving and provide you with guidance on how to stay productive until the move. They can also guide your team on streamlining the entire process.

Affordable and fast

With the right equipment, planning, and crew – the office furniture movers are able to ensure a fast and affordable move, which will help to reduce income losses because of downtime. In addition, they will assist you in setting up at the new premises to get operations back on track as soon as possible.

Insurance against damage

Never choose an office relocation company if they do not have sufficient insurance to cover damage and loss. Yes, you want affordable office furniture movers, but do not compromise on this issue. When you work with a larger and more experienced commercial removal company, such as Elliott Afrovan, you get affordability and the benefit of knowing that the company has excellent insurance to cover any losses or damage.

A professional, but affordable office furniture moving company, such as Elliott Afrovan, helps your firm to save money. Here are more reasons to choose us:

We have a national network of highly skilled teams to ensure the best possible moving experience.

Our team includes IT relocation and project managers to facilitate management of the projects.

A central contact project manager works closely with the facilities manager and the various teams to plan and execute the move.
Disassemble and reassemble of the various items can be done where needed.

Our crew systematically packs and unpacks your company documents to minimise the time it takes to set up and get operational again.

We have a superb insurance claims record that is remarkably low, but in the event of a claim our insurers settle the costs quickly.

Our service offering is comprehensive and includes relocation for filing systems, partitions, furniture, safes, IT systems, office documents, screens, and the likes.

Warehousing and document storage services are also available.

We have our own fleet of vehicles.

Do not compromise on relocating your company premises. Make use of our team of efficient and affordable office furniture movers if you want to have the peace of mind that all will go as planned.