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The Art and Expertise of Office Moving

The days when many eager wannabee movers thought to earn an income by setting up an office and/or domestic moving service, because he or she had a truck and the assistance of a few part-time or casual labourers to help to carry and load office contents are over.

This must come as an immense relief to those who were once unfortunate victims of the so-called informal, unregulated, sometimes cavalier “bakkie brigade”, who offered bona fide office moving services, but proved to be anything but competent and capable.

Highly Specialised Streamlined Services

Moving and relocation services in the modern era are highly specialised fields of endeavour, best accomplished by experts and specialists within what has become a challenging business which requires particular dismantling, packing, handling, transport, and set-up knowledge and skills. Mistakes in any of these areas are bound to be costly and time consuming, definitely to be pre-empted and avoided, come what may.

As a rule, virtually all of today’s streamlined, state-of-the-art office equipment is expensive, but essential to the smooth and successful operation of each office. It’s simply not an option to be compelled to attempt to make do without such a necessary item that has been broken or damaged.

Worry- and Stress-Free

Professionally trained, committed, and experienced office movers have the expertise and specialised office moving aids and equipment to handle your possessions equally professionally and safely. In our view, you should experience your office move as worry-free as possible, backed by confidence in the professional ability and experience of your moving specialists.

Specific Specialities

Elliott Afrovan specialises in providing all aspects of office moving services. We recognise that your office consists of much more than office furniture and files of documents that pertain to your business’s activities. Consequently, the crux of our services includes the business’s relocation, plus the relocation of your IT systems and safes, as well as fine art.

Our office (and factory) moving services are designed to move you in more ways than one:

  • • We undertake countrywide moving services (throughout South Africa).
  • • Our teams operate accordingly in most major business centres,
  • • Our competent, experienced teams move all office furniture, filing systems and bulk filers, safes, office screens, and partitions.
  • • An experienced IT system relocation specialist will attend to the packing, moving, and relocating of your costly, fragile IT equipment – safely and securely.
  • • Comprehensive packing and unpacking services
  • • Files are packed and unpacked sequentially, enabling your staff members to resume their tasks immediately, upon completion of the office move.
  • • We recommend that you engage the services of an office space planner or designer (with whom we’ll liaise and work), in order to ensure that your new office space works well for you and your personnel. In consultation with your planner, we ensure that we adhere to your floor plan at your new premises.
  • • We attend and adhere to time management and project management, allocating resources accordingly.
  • • Meetings/sessions are held with the designated contact person/s and/or relevant staff members before the date of the office move.
  • • Rigging of heavy equipment.
  • • Make safe and secure warehousing solutions available, if required.
  • • Offer document-storing facilities.
  • • Elliott Afrovan offers particularly specialised fine art and piano moving services.

Art and Pianos

Prospective clients should bear in mind that the latter items – precious artworks and pianos – require special care and skills if and when they’re to be relocated. Special packing materials and packing methods are used to handle and relocate works of art.

Besides being exceptionally heavy, a piano is actually a very delicate instrument, which must be handled with great care, only ever right side up, avoiding undue tilting and any type of impact or bump. Internally, a piano is fitted with a soundboard, which may crack due to an impact, rendering the instrument virtually useless, until, at the very least, the soundboard is replaced (incurring costs of thousands of rands), and the piano is returned, in situ, in its new location.

It follows that clients who envisage moving offices, especially if IT systems, safes, artworks, and pianos are involved, only engage the services of leading office relocation specialists – moving companies like Elliott Afrovan – proudly South African and one of this industry’s principal, specialised role players in South Africa.

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