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Why Your Company Benefits from Professional Relocation Services in South Africa

Does your firm need to relocate its head office from one city in South Africa to another? Do you want to move premises from Johannesburg to Cape Town? You will need expert providers of relocation services in South Africa to streamline the move. As such, it is essential to work with a company that has a nationwide network of teams and facilities.

Typical services that you will need:

• Planning the move to minimise disruptions to operations.

• Systematic packing and unpacking of company documents to ensure that employees can set up and start work immediately.

• Loading and transportation of furniture, safes, IT equipment, artworks, bulky filing cabinets, boardroom tables, screens, partitions, and more.

• Delivery and unloading at the new address.

• Unpacking and setting up the office space.

• Insurance to protect against damage.

• Expert guidance on how to stay productive until the move is completed.

• Project managers and team leaders to plan and coordinate the move.

• Warehousing facilities.

• Document storage facilities.

Relocation Services in South Africa

Knowing what a complex project national relocation of offices can be, you will want to have the best provider of relocation services in South Africa. Our record of accomplishment is evident of our experience, quality, and reputation for excellence.

We have an impressive testimonials page with satisfied clients including the likes of:

• Alexander Forbes

• Nestlé South Africa

• Nedbank Limited


• South African Grain Laboratory

• VW South Africa

• Zodiac

Nationwide Relocation Services

Handling office furniture removal from one address to another in the same city is already a complex project. However, if you have to move between provinces, several additional factors come into play. The move can take anything from days to months, depending on the size of the move. In addition, factors such as the need to stay in operation, servers that must be moved, and documents that must be at the new location even though there are hundreds of kilometres that separate the old and the new premises, must all be taken into consideration. Such a move is a coordinated effort best handled by a company with an extensive network of service providers throughout South Africa.

IT Equipment Relocation

The IT equipment of the company is crucial for daily operations. With databases, safes, backups, and highly sensitive information to work with, it is essential to select a service provider that has data storage and warehousing facilities. You need a company that has IT specialists on board of the relocation team who understands the complexity of moving the equipment and setting such up. We meet and exceed the requirements with our IT specialist team to ensure safe moving of equipment, dust-free environments, backups, and relevant storage.

Project Managers to Work with Facility Managers

We appoint a project manager to oversee the move and to communicate with the facilities manager and your teams. As such, we ensure that everyone is on the same page. This also helps to keep the relocation within the allotted timeframe and your budget. You can thus rest assured that a strong team is in control of the planning and execution of the relocation project, regardless of the destination in South Africa.

Make use of our moving services in South Africa to reduce risk and minimise disruptions associated with corporate office relocation.

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