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Moving Tips from Leading Provider of Relocation Services in South Africa

If you are moving office, the entire company is going to experience the additional stress and strain. Office relocation services in South Africa are readily available, but it’s important to realise that not all service providers are the same. There’s a lot more to an office relocation than just getting your furniture and office equipment from A to B. Firstly, it’s important to only use reputable office moving companies to assist you. Hiring casual labourers using the services of an inexperienced moving company could be detrimental to your business. Besides the first step of choosing the right moving team, you also need to be prepared. We have put together these moving tips to assist:

Things to Remember Before the Move

When hiring relocation services in South Africa, it’s best to ensure that you consider all aspects of the move and not just the moving of your furniture and equipment. With office moves, there always seems to be something that’s forgotten. One of the first things that you need to remember to do is to change your address on your office stationery and website. Also make sure that you send a memo to your customer base so that they are aware of your relocation. The last thing you want is to frustrate customers who expect you to be where you have always been. Remember to transfer the telephone lines. Keep in mind that Telkom can sometimes take a while to process a relocation, especially if a line has to be installed. You can apply to move the line early on and instruct Telkom from which date you need the service.

Many people overlook informing government and municipal offices of their new address. The institutions that you should advise of your new address include the Receiver of Revenue, Department of Labour, local unions, Workman’s Compensation, Rates Office, and Civic Centre. There are a few more people to add to the list and these include those who provide you with service contracts for things such as your printers, fire hydrants, software, garden services, cleaning services, office consumables, and security services.

Choosing the Right Relocation Services in South Africa

When you find the right relocation services in South Africa, you won’t have to worry about much else. Take care of the administrative work involved in the move while the professional moving team takes care of everything else. This includes the packing of boxes, bubble-wrapping of furniture and valuables, careful preparation and packing of sensitive IT equipment, and even safes. It takes prior knowledge and training to know how to properly handle and move certain items. For instance, someone who has never moved a piano or an awkwardly sized but highly valuable piece of artwork, won’t know how to pack and carry the item without the risk of potential damage (or injury to the moving team). And then you have even more worries when it comes to what will become of these items in the moving van.

At Elliott Afrovan, we don’t have this problem. As leading providers of relocation services in South Africa, we have taken every precaution to ensure that we are ready and prepared for any type of move. We continuously educate our teams on best moving practices and we also supervise each move meticulously. When it comes to actually transporting goods, our vehicles are more than just the average haul trucks. We have specialised vehicles fitted with air suspension and tail lifts to ensure delicate handling.

We offer a full range of relocation services in South Africa. These include:

  • • Packing and unpacking of boxes.

  • • Careful moving of all furniture, storage units, filing systems, and other office items.

  • • Packing and unpacking of files sequentially.

  • • Safe moving of IT equipment and fragile items.

  • • Moving and rigging of heavy and awkwardly sized equipment.

  • • Document storage and warehousing.

  • • Setting up of office furniture and equipment (we will work closely with your space planner).

  • • Relocation of vehicles.

At Elliott Afrovan, we welcome you to contact us via email or telephone to discuss your upcoming relocation. To provide you with the best relocation services in South Africa, we will pay a visit to your premises to ascertain the size of the move and to provide you with an accurate quotation. Get in touch with us and start preparing for your office relocation today.

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