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Professional Corporate Relocation Services to Save Time and Money

Elliott Afrovan offers a full range of office and factory relocation services throughout South Africa. We have several well-trained and professionally managed office & IT relocation teams dedicated to fast, reliable and efficient service delivery.

Countrywide Service Delivery

We offer our relocation services countrywide and because of our extensive network of teams across the country, we are able to plan, coordinate and execute even the most complex relocations of head offices and factories with minimal disruption of our clients’ business activities. Some moves can be made within one or two days, whilst others may take place over several weeks or even months, depending on the size of the move, complexity, distance and specific client requirements.

Movement of IT Equipment

With IT equipment forming such an integral part of the modern business environment, you can no longer rely on just any relocation service provider to help you move office. There are databases, servers, networks, special control rooms, safes, sensitive equipment, confidential documents, backups and specialised electronics that must be moved without damage. For such, you need a company that has a specialised IT relocation team on board, to coordinate with your facilities manager, and special moving equipment, to ensure stability of the equipment, dust-free environments, proper backups and packaging.

Relocation Project Managers

We provide the above and more, including Office & IT Relocation Project Managers appointed for each move, in order to ensure hassle-free relocation of office equipment. At the head of every corporate move is a Central Contact Project Manager that coordinates the entire move, and works closely with the Facilities Manager and the various team members of the client company in planning and executing the move.

Own Fleet and Excellent Insurance

We have our own fleet of specialised vehicles equipped with air suspension and tail lifts for delicate handling of sensitive equipment. With full control over the whereabouts of our vehicles, qualified drivers operating the vehicles and superb insurance, we are able to give clients the assurance that their equipment will arrive safely and undamaged. The vehicle routes are planned ahead of time and we are up to date regarding their progress at any time, because we fit them with tracking devices. This type of control over the movement of the vehicles is essential in South Africa where hijackings and theft are often a risk.

Accurate Quotes

We do not give rough estimates. Our team visits the client premises, completes a full assessment and discusses the logistics of the relocation and any specific requirements, in addition to visiting the intended location. This enables us to provide clients with objective and highly accurate quotes. The site visits are comprehensive, and include full evaluations and surveys. There are no unpleasant surprises when you make use of our relocation services,

Disassembly and Reassembly

Where required, our teams will disassemble and reassemble equipment and furniture, as well as package loose items and documents according to the order required. The unpacking is done in such a way as to ensure that the documents can immediately be found. We mark the places where items must be placed, ensuring that when your staff arrives at their new location that their computers are setup, documents in the right order and furniture already assembled.

Backup and Warehouse Services

We offer you warehouse services and our IT relocation team in conjunction with your team ensures that backups are in place before any equipment is removed.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Packing and unpacking of loose items and files.
  • Moving of furniture, filing systems, partitions, safes, office screens and bulk filers.
  • Relocation of IT systems.
  • Sequential packing and unpacking of documents.
  • Project, resource and time management.
  • Heavy equipment rigging.
  • Warehousing.
  • Workshops with staff before the move.
  • Document storage.
  • Movement of fine art and pianos.


We make use of eco-boxes and thus reduce our environmental footprint with relocations. In addition, we have fully trained personnel at all relocations. Two of the projects that we have completed are briefly mentioned below, to give you an indication of the scale of work that we can handle.

Alexander Forbes

The company had a staff total of 1 000 and the move was completed over four weekends under our full project management of the entire moving process.

South African Grain Laboratory

We managed the entire relocation project. The company had 100 staff members and the move took three days.

You can view a comprehensive list of completed projects and satisfied clients on our website under “Testimonials”. Make use of our professional relocation services and save time, money and resources.

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