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Your Preferred Relocation Company Specialising in Office Moves

Nowadays, most print publications cater for niche readers and their respective interests, motor vehicle technicians focus on and train for working on a particular marque, stores each have their own target market and even relocation companies specialise in a particular area.

In fact, the entire world is rapidly becoming ever more specialised as lifestyles, goods and services become more sophisticated. It is virtually inevitable that advances in sophistication levels lead to specialism and dedication in every field of endeavour.

Our company has chosen to concentrate on factory and office relocation and we are proud to say that we are very good at what we do, constantly striving to maintain and improve upon the top levels of service excellence with which we conduct our operation, throughout all complex facets of modern moving.

Modern Workspaces

Today’s businesses no longer merely consist of a workshop, store, room or space occupied by a workbench and tools or a few counters, desks, chairs and bookshelves placed wherever there is an appropriate spot, plus a till for cash and cheque payments.

Most 21st century white collar workers don’t even know what a typing pool is, since the schoolroom desk placement which accommodated typists of yore very seldom exists nowadays, currently regarded as being impersonal, cold and a waste of expensive space.

Individual offices with four walls, a window and a door are also largely things of the past. Those in senior management positions and executives are almost the only people who still occupy an individual office. Other staff members are accommodated across an open plan area, with or without screens and partitions between each workspace. As a matter of interest, “workspace” is a relatively recent concept, replacing more traditional individual desk and chair arrangements for each employee.

When applied to an office environment, a workspace or workstation is assigned to each employee and typically accommodates a computer, usually linked to a mainframe installation. The desk configuration may vary, from a stand-alone unit to a set-up where two staff members sit on either side, facing one another.

Another popular modular plan sees the desk top assembled in a large U-shape, with various people sitting beside one another on the inner side of the U. Work spaces or stations were created by designers and space planners to better make use of space by locating employees involved in similar tasks or the same teams together, without leaving them feeling cramped and claustrophobic.

Office Space Planning

The arts of interior design, decorating and space planning have evolved into specialities in their own right, closely linked to the science and creativity of architecture. Whilst some company owners might regard these disciplines as being somewhat extraneous in a working environment, one should not dismiss them out of hand, certainly not without due consideration.

In addition to planning where desks and workstations would best be placed, other spaces are normally also required, ditto the planning for them. These include staff meeting rooms and lunch and/or breakaway areas where employees can enjoy their meals and tea breaks, relax, chat and socialise.

Even if the business does not handle cash, most require a safe or strong room for secure storage of important, confidential documents. Filing rooms are also still a requirement for most concerns.

Last, but by no means least, a smart, welcoming reception area for visitors and clients is of crucial importance to every business. Client meeting rooms and boardrooms likewise should enhance the company’s brand and image.


Each type and design of furniture is closely allied to where and how it should be positioned; meaning that there is frequently an overlap between the space planning and design/decorating functions. When one is removing existing furniture from one place and space and installing it in another, knowledge and experience of both disciplines is invaluable.

We Do Lots More

We will assist with space planning and interior décor and if applicable, will work closely with your appointed interior experts. Our vehicles are customised according to their purpose and our teams are expertly trained and experienced, ensuring the security of all your possessions and their placement according to plan.

All your goods will be sequentially and systematically packed, loaded, transported and unpacked, requiring practically none of your employees’ time. Upon arrival at their new premises, they will be able to resume their duties at once.

Our job is to liaise, facilitate and utilise our expertise and experience as a top professional relocation company, because your time is precious and your move should be accomplished in the shortest possible time (or according to your individual schedule), and stress-free.

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