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How to Relocate Your Office with the Help of the Right Experts

Relocating an office is never an easy feat, and if there are a lot of employees, assets and technology to move, it becomes even more cumbersome.  While moving seems like a simple thing to do, it is not just a question of packing up and moving loads to another location.  Offices are highly functional operations with intricate networks that need to be considered, technology that has to be disconnected, transported and reconnected again, and large pieces of equipment, such as printers and photocopy machines, are often thrown into the mix as well. 

Large pieces of furniture, such as filing cabinets, heavy loads of paper and files, and a variety of other complicated issues form part of the problem, and this is why you need to use the best experts to relocate your office.  Damage to equipment or technology can vastly affect your operational abilities after the move, and it is essential that you choose a removals company that is well versed in working with technology, and has the abilities to pack and transport it safely – as well as give a hand with reconnecting everything again on the other side.

Picking the right removals company can be tricky, so here are some tips when looking for a company that will safely relocate your office to a new location.

  • 1. Research:  It is easy to go online and contact the nearest removals service to you, but there is no guarantee that they will be able to provide what you need.  Do a little research and find out more about the relocation companies in your area.  If you have a friend who has had business dealings with office removals before, ask them for references.  The larger companies often have better facilities, a more modern fleet and more staff to get the job done, but they can be very busy and very expensive.  Smaller companies may also have a good track record, and are often cheaper as their overheads are lower, but you have to ensure that they have the capability to handle your office move without a hitch.

  • 2. Site visit:  When you have narrowed your choices down to about three companies, ask them to provide a quote.  The first and most important thing is that they will have to do a site visit to do a thorough assessment about the move and what needs to be done.  Any removals company willing to give you a quote without inspecting the premises should be eliminated from your list.  This means that they do not have the necessary expertise or experience to be able to carry out a successful move. 

  • 3. Accountability:  During the site visit, it is important that you communicate with the person doing the assessment.  Find out who will be handling the move and who will be accountable for the move.  Ideally, you should be assigned a project manager to work on your account and to ensure that everything goes according to plan.  Find out how they can make the move less disruptive to staff and operations, and get an estimate of how long the move will take, and how long operation will have to be halted.  Also ask for a quote in which the services that they provide will specifically be mentioned.  This means that there will be no assumptions made about services that may or may not be provided for in the quote.  For instance, if you need an external provider or extra staff to get your technology installed at the other side, this has to be mentioned.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions and be very clear on what exactly the move will entail.

  • 4. Cost:  Don’t necessarily choose the cheapest provider, and carefully analyse the services that are listed in the quote.  While one removals company may come in a lot cheaper than another, they may not include the same services or the same degree of safety or speed in the process.  Carefully examine each quote and find the office removals supplier that is the perfect fit for your move.

  • 5. Prepare:  Do as much preparation beforehand, in order to be ready for the packers when they arrive.  Ideally, staff should pack their own belongings.  After packing, they should tape the boxes shut and clearly label them.  Usually, the removals company will provide labels and barcodes to ensure that there is a record of everything that needs to be transported.

Also check out your insurance options.  It is vital that insurance is in place – either through your business or through the removals company.  This helps to limit damage and delays during the move.

If you need more information or are looking for a professional, well-respected office removals specialist to relocate your office, call us at Elliott Afrovan today!

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