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The Importance of a Reliable Office Furniture Removal Company for your Office Relocation

All relocations are stressful and chaotic, and when it comes to the relocation of an office, it is doubly so.  Not only do you have to deal with the removal and relocation of a wide variety of technology, but you also have to deal with other assets and the reaction of the employees to the move. A successful relocation can only be done if a reliable office furniture removal company is employed to help with the move, and going it alone with some employees can lead to disaster. 

It is essential, especially with large offices, that all the factors that are affected by the move are taken into consideration, and someone who does not have previous experience of relocating an office could miss some important issues which could negatively affect production on the other side. It is an experience that relocation agents and removals experts are used to, as they deal with relocations and removals on a daily basis, and therefore know all about the nature and potential pitfalls of this process. There are many other reasons why you should not attempt an office move without the help of a reliable office furniture removals company. These include:

  • Less stress: Having an expert to advise on the process and to help perform certain tasks can take a lot of the pressure and frustration from the process. Often, relocation specialists have ample experience and are very adept at spotting potential problems before they arise, and dealing effectively with problems if they do arise. Having another person to share the load helps to lighten the load significantly for the business manager or business owner, and using a true professional will give better peace of mind.

  • More expertise: A reliable office furniture removal company spends all day every day in the removals business, and they understand the world of removals and relocations better than most others. This means that they also have the knowledge to advise on time frames, the order in which things should be moved, and also how to deal with employees and technology during the move. Their experience makes it much easier to have a successful move and to solve problems if they arrive. An experienced removals project manager will be able to plan, track and execute the move with greater precision than a normal project manager!

  • They have resources: Office removal companies have access to all the resources that will typically (and sometimes atypically) be needed to have a successful move. They have access to packing materials, different types of wraps, and professional resources such as technology experts and specialised transport, in order to ensure that they are able to fulfil a number of different functions throughout the move. They also usually have access to storage (should this be needed during the move), and insurance plans are put into place to ensure that client assets are not damaged or lost during the move, and that there are secure measures in place if anything goes wrong.

  • Value for money: While business managers may consider using a reliable office furniture removal company as an added expense, it is easy to see where professional experts add value to the process. All relocations take time, and without expert planning and execution, it could drag on for longer than planned, and productivity could be adversely affected for longer than planned, thus resulting in significant financial losses. Having an expert on hand will give you a much better chance of getting up and running again, the payment for a professional removals firm will undoubtedly cost much less than a financial loss suffered as a result of downtime after the move! It is therefore recommended that no office move is attempted without a reliable office removal company!

If you are planning an office relocation soon and need help with this, you can call our team at Elliott Afrovan. We specialise in the relocation of all types of businesses, and our expertise in office removals will stand you in really good stead. In addition to providing outstanding value for money and peace of mind, we also have access to all the experts and resources that you will need during your office move – from specialised vehicles to technology experts, we have it all!  Give us a call today to find out more about how we can help your move be successful!

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