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Choose Professional Office Movers for a Simple Hassle-Free Move

If you have been wondering if you really need professional office movers to help with your relocation, the answer is most definitely yes. Too many business owners have been caught out by hiring cheap casual office movers, only to find that they are ill-prepared for the task and do not have the experienced staff members required to ensure no breakages and losses along the way. There is also the concern of transportation, as it is usually only the professional office movers who will have vehicles that are designed to carry the load and to do so with the highest level of care.

Let us face it, nobody likes to suffer a loss when moving, whether it is an office chair that goes missing or a boardroom table that gets battered and scratched. These are the types of incidents that should not have the opportunity to happen when moving, as they can add up to a great expense. At Elliott Afrovan, we understand the need for peace of mind and security when moving and we do everything to ensure that our customers experience this peace of mind. Our first step is to ensure that we send one of our team of office movers out to inspect the premises and all your items to be moved. The relocation can be fully discussed and it is the perfect opportunity to advise the moving team of any potentially fragile, heavy, awkwardly sized, or highly valuable items. In fact, if you can provide a full list of items to be moved, it will help a lot. This affords us the opportunity to arrive fully prepared with the right packing materials, team members, and vehicles on the day of the move.

Another way in which we ensure security and peace of mind is by ensuring that each of our employees are professional, trained office movers. We do this by providing continuing in-depth and hands-on training. We do not just train them once. Our vehicles are also perfect for the task of moving. Our entire fleet is equipped with air suspension systems and tail lifts to ensure easy loading and a soft ride. We do not leave scratches, grazes, or dents to chance when moving your items and this is why so many industry leaders trust us to move their entire offices, nationwide.

While accidents and losses are extremely rare, we still endeavour to offer some security to our customers in this unfortunate event. Our insurance offerings will provide you with cover for loss and damage, for added peace of mind and this really does go a long way. As professional office movers, we pride ourselves on ensuring only the best quality of service to our customers. While we can simply collect and deliver your items, we can also take things to the next level by fully preparing your items for the relocation and then setting each and every item up on the other side. And yes, that means unpacking your boxes and files too. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive moving service to our customers and with so many happy customers in our wake, we are confident in our ability to do just that.

Our Testimonials Speak for Themselves

We encourage all our new customers to take the time to study our testimonials, which are readily available on our website. Some of our happy customers include big brands, such as Alexander Forbes, Nedbank Limited, Nestlé South Africa, and South African Grain Laboratory, to name a few.

Book Your Relocation with SA’s Leading Professional Office Movers

At Elliott Afrovan, we consider ourselves experts in the office relocation field. We have moved both large and small organisations’ offices on the trot. Before the move, we will gladly consult with you on how to handle the delegation of moving responsibilities and what to expect on the day. You will find our moving professionals thorough and professional. If you are looking for professional office movers to assist you with the relocation of your business, take the time to discuss your needs and requirements with us. Our team is standing by to help you moving your office with as little red tape as possible.


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