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Moving Tips from Professional Piano Movers

Pianos are one of the hardest items to move. They are heavy, awkwardly shaped and sized, and they are often worth a small fortune. Doing something wrong can result in damage – very costly damage. Those who do not want to take the risk of moving a piano themselves hire professional piano movers, which is a very smart move. Professional piano movers know how to do it all. They have specialised lifting equipment, they know the right moving techniques and even how to get them up and down stairs. When you think about the difficulty involved in moving a piano, you will start to appreciate the expertise of professional piano movers. You can trust Elliott Afrovan with the relocation of your valuable piano. The equipment that we use to move your piano is just as important as the techniques. Below are a few tips for the preparation and move of your piano:

Use plastic sheeting and blankets to protect the outside of the piano from scratches and scuffs. These can also help to keep the piano lid and other moving parts securely in place.

Make sure a piano dolly is available for moving upright pianos. When a piano dolly is used, insist that straps are used to secure the unit. Piano movers with the right training and experience will know that the wheels and legs of a grand piano are fragile and can easily be damaged. They should not be used for pushing or pulling the unit around at all.

Make sure that you get a firm grip with a pair of gloves. Remember that the surface of a piano is slippery.
Have straps handy to secure the plastic sheeting and blankets. Without straps, the covers and blankets will not have much use. Professional piano movers should be able to provide these as part of their service.

The type of piano that you are relocating will play an important role in the moving technique we use. For instance, upright pianos with cast-iron backs will be extremely heavy and will require an experienced moving team with the right equipment. Other types of pianos might be lighter, but awkwardly shaped or sized, which means special care must be taken during moving. It is important to discuss the type, size, and weight of your piano with us so that we can plan accordingly. We like to arrive at your premises with the right equipment, the correct number of helpers, and the right removal vehicles. The details are important, as some pianos are extremely heavy.

Elliott Afrovan Piano Movers

At Elliott Afrovan, we offer professional piano-moving services. Our staff have been trained in the art of piano moving. This means that we know what we are doing and will treat your piano with care while handling it. We will be able to prepare your piano for the move by wrapping it as required. Before we take on the project, we will visit your premises so that a moving strategy can be decided on and a quotation can be provided. On the day of the move, we will ensure that your piano is loaded unscathed. Our fleet of removal vehicles is fitted with air suspension systems and tail lifts to ensure a smooth, bump-free ride. These are quite important features when transporting a piano, as bumps and knocks along the way can cause serious damage to the musical instrument. With our experience and expertise, we are confident that we are just the team to transport your piano to where it needs to go. Avoid the risk of drops, falls, scratches, and scuffs, all of which can detract from the value of your piano. Our competitive rates and professional service are guaranteed with every move.

We Will Move Your Piano from A to B, Hassle-Free

You might get all apprehensive when you think about moving your piano, but we don’t. As trusted and experienced piano movers in South Africa, we are confident in the service we can offer. We encourage you to find out more about our piano-moving skills by chatting with one of our friendly and knowledgeable consultants. For more information, or to book a piano relocation, contact us via email or telephone today.

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