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Hire Professional Piano Movers to Avoid Injury and Expensive Repairs

Moving a piano yourself can cause serious headaches. We all know that a piano is neither small nor light and that the chances of moving it yourself without damaging it (or injuring yourself) are slim. If you need to move your family piano to a new home, it is important to remember that you are not just relocating a standard piece of furniture. While a piano might be big, bulky, and heavy, it is at the same time far more delicate than you think. Its weight alone can cause accidents to happen and damage to any of its components can lead to expensive repair work. Without the proper lifting techniques and tools, those moving the piano can easily become injured too. To ensure that your piano makes it to its destination in good nick and on time, make sure that you hire professional piano movers with the right equipment and team members with experience in handling awkward, delicate, or unusual items.

Proper Tools and Skills Are Required to Safely Move a Piano

A fully set up and assembled piano probably won’t fit through an average size doorway and if it does, it will probably be a tight squeeze and difficult to manoeuvre the unit around corners without damaging it. A professional and experienced team of piano movers will have the tools and know-how to carefully dismantle the piano, transport the parts and then re-assemble it upon arrival. Depending on the type and size of the piano, it can range in weight from around 170 kg to 520 kg. It is safe to say that lifting equipment is required to transfer the parts from the building to the vehicle and vice versa. Dollies and lifting boards are most often used to simplify the process and ensure that your prized piano makes it to its destination unscathed.

Specialised Vehicles Are Needed to Move Your Piano

Many people expect their piano to lose tune when being transported. While this is the norm, it is not always the case. With the right handling, your piano can make it to your next home in the very same condition as it was in when collected. How is this possible? By using specialised vehicles, that’s how! We offer professional piano moving services with our expert team of handlers and our vehicles with specialised shock absorption. Our fleet of vehicles has air suspension and tail lifts, which makes careful, bump-free transport of your piano possible.

Why Elliott Afrovan Should be Your Furniture Movers of Choice

We are dedicated to service excellence. Each of our team members know precisely how to handle a piano and a variety of other unusual, valuable, or awkwardly sized furniture and equipment pieces. We take pride in our exemplary track record and have a string of positive testimonials available for your perusal. If you need your piano transported, we will need to estimate the cost for you. The cost of the removal and relocation will be determined by the type of piano (is it an upright, a grand, a concert grand, or baby grand piano?), the overall weight of the piano, ease of access into and out of the buildings and the distance to be travelled. If you do not have all of the details of the piano, we can pay a visit to your premises to provide you with an accurate quotation and to ensure that we have the correct equipment, vehicles and manpower available for the task.

Remember that insurance is important when moving a piano. While accidents are rare, they can happen and it is always preferable to be prepared. We offer great insurance on our removals services to protect you from potential unfortunate incidents. In the unlikely event that you need to claim for damage or loss of your piano, you can expect for your claim to be paid out promptly and for the situation to be handled with the utmost care. Ensuring that your piano is treated as carefully as if it is our own is our guarantee.

If you are looking for professional piano movers in your area, waste no more time. Contact us via email or telephone at Elliott Afrovan and we will provide you with further information on the moving of your piano.

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