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Tips on Selecting Piano Movers in South Africa

From all the furniture in your home, guesthouse, lodge, music store, old age home or hotel, the piano is often the most difficult to move. Considering that the average upright piano weighs around 180 kg to 450 kg with a grand piano weighing up to 520 kg, it goes without saying that the piano movers you select should have an experienced team to handle the move.

Not only should there be enough employees, but also the right equipment, large enough vehicles for transport, and relevant lifting equipment. In addition, the company should have vehicles with the necessary shock absorbance to ensure safe moving of the prized possession.

Unfortunately, doorways are often far too narrow for fitting a piano through and in many instances, several flights of stairs may be involved. In such instances, the piano may have to be dismantled, increasing the risk of damage to the expensive instrument. You will thus want movers who are used to this kind of work and who already have the required expertise to ensure the safe relocation of the instrument.

One can expect to pay more for such specialised moving, and in most instances, the piano will be transported separately and not with the other equipment and furniture. Indeed, try to look for a moving company that has the required transport and willingness to move the piano separately. Specific safety precautions must be taken and there should be at least one person present or available that has knowledge of pianos. A good moving company will inform you about the risks involved before taking on the job, providing you with the choice of proceeding or not.

The Moving Process

Expect three or more persons to arrive at the premises equipped with tools such as slings, special ramps and the relevant skids as well as padding. The instrument is placed on the vehicle in one piece if no dismantling is necessary. Where it is difficult to navigate the premises or where the piano is extra heavy, more workers are dispatched.

We recommend that you ask the piano movers a few questions before making use of their services including:

  • How many workers are available for the particular move?
  • Does the company use their own fleet or do they outsource?
  • If they have their own fleet, do they have the necessary insurance?
  • Which types of instruments, furniture and equipment has the company moved before?
  • Do they have a list of references?
  • Do they have specific coordinators?
  • How do they calculate the move costs?
  • Does the company have workmen’s compensation cover for their employees?
  • Can the instrument be insured and will it be enough for replacement?


An accurate quote can only be given if the piano movers have the necessary information. Thus, when you contact moving companies be sure to have as much information available as possible including:

  • Type of piano to be moved – whether it is a grand piano, electronic piano or upright type.
  • Size of the instrument – measure the upright type by height and the grand piano according to the longest length.
  • Premises’ address and information such as accessibility, stairways, and door entrance size.
  • Relocation premises’ address and information about the door entrance, stairways, and accessibility.
  • Have the postal code ready for each of the addresses.
  • Desired moving dates and timeframe.
  • Possible complications – discuss this before the actual move to prevent unpleasant billing surprises.



It is essential to prepare for the move. Ensure that the new premises will be suitable for the placement of the instrument and is accessible. Remove all furniture around the piano and any other possible obstacles that can make it difficult to move. If you stay in a security village, arrange for permission to have the truck enter and stop as close as possible to the exit door of your premises. Wrap the instrument in plastic and appropriate cushioning material to avoid damage to it from scratches, sun, moisture and rain.

Who to Choose?

Elliott Afrovan should be your piano mover of choice. With our own fleet, enough workers to handle any size job, an impressive reference list, appropriate insurance in place, expert coordinators, experience and pre-packing and unpacking services available, we are here to ensure that the move is done professionally and at a competitive price.

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