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7 Features and Services You Should Expect from a Leading Office Removals Company

office removalsWhether you are the owner or part of the management team of your business, you have worked hard and long to achieve the level of success that your organisation is currently enjoying. Perhaps this has led to the growth of your business to the point where you need larger premises. Maybe you are just moving to a better location, or you’re opening another branch? Whatever the reason, if you need to relocate your enterprise, only the best office removals company will do.

Apart from the fact that your organisation deserves the best, relocating a business is a stressful and arduous task with many challenges and potential pitfalls along the way. It can be an exceptionally disruptive exercise, yet you still need to ensure that your business keeps on running as per usual in order to satisfy your clients and to keep making money. It is therefore imperative that you do not simply choose just any office removals company, but one that caters to your unique needs, and that has a reputation for delivering exceptional service.

While certainly not an exhaustive list, these are some of the features and services you should expect from a reputable, professional office removals company:

  1. Dedicated Project Managers


Relocating your possessions is one thing. Coordinating the entire process and related logistics is a whole other task – and a full time one. While you focus your attention on your business, you need an office removals company that assigns a dedicated project manager to your move to ensure that everything runs smoothly and according to schedule.

  1. IT System Relocation Capability


Does the service provider you have chosen have experience in relocating IT systems? This highly sensitive part of your business is vital, and there is no room for damage or delays – this can cost you dearly. You need a service provider that will work closely with your IT team and have the expertise to relocate such a vital and sensitive part of your business safely and securely.

  1. The Ability to Move Special Items


in addition to your IT system that needs special care, you may also have other items that require specialised packing and transport. Think of items such as fine art that needs to be wrapped or packaged to avoid damage. Or perhaps you have large or heavy equipment or pieces of furniture that needs to be moved with rigging. This should all form part of the service provided.

  1. Their Own Specialised Fleet


The last thing you want is to deal with multiple service providers during this tumultuous time, especially if it isn’t necessary. You want an office removals company that owns their own fleet of vehicles (rather than renting it from a third-party service provider). This ensures accountability and simplicity. Furthermore, you want a service provider that has the specific vehicles required for safe loading, offloading and transport.

  1. Advanced Packing and Unpacking Skills


Your employees are way too valuable to spend their days packing and unpacking when they should be focussing on keeping the business running during this disruptive time. You need an office removals company that does not only offer packing and unpacking services, but that will also perform accurate sequential packing and unpacking if you have physical filing that needs to move, and that can disassemble and reassemble the office furniture where necessary for easier transport.

  1. Insurance


Accidents happen, even to the most careful and experienced people. Make sure you don’t take any chances. Choose an office removals company that offers sufficient insurance on your possessions during the move to cover any possible damage, theft or loss.

  1. Storage or Warehousing Facilities


Do your possessions fit into your new premises? Or do you need to store some of your items for a while? Maybe you need a solution for document storage rather than flooding your new space with filing that is important for safekeeping but not vital for day-to-day operations. Some relocation services also offer safe and secure storage facilities, allowing you to deal with one service provider, rather than with multiple parties.

For an office removals company that delivers on all of the features and services mentioned above – and more – contact Elliott Afrovan. We’ll meet with you to discuss your move and do a site inspection to create a custom quote for you.

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