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Basic Checklist for Office Removals

Elliott Afrovan has extensive experience in office removals, as proven by our comprehensive client list. We have our own fleet of specialised vehicles for the transport of sensitive IT equipment and have the required insurance for protection of assets in transit. When you make use of our office removal services, we allocate a project manager and team to your specific relocation project. Our service includes on-site inspections and close coordination with the facilities manager for seamless relocation and minimal disruption of your work activities.

It is essential to plan ahead and to have a checklist of completed tasks to ensure successful office relocation. We therefore provide you with a basic summarised checklist below to help you get an overview of what such a process for a small to medium sized businesses entails.

Timeline – 30 Days before Relocation

  • Finalise arrangements with the company that will handle the office removals.
  • Purchase the required number of boxes and packing supplies.
  • Arrange for packing processes.
  • Clean out cabinets and rooms which you do not use on a regular basis.
  • Sell off unwanted or outdated equipment and furniture to minimise the load.
  • Arrange for change of address notifications.
  • Notify the landlord, clients, subscription services, delivery agencies, banks, suppliers, debtors and creditors of the address change.
  • Arrange for software and hardware upgrades to be done at the new location.


Timeline –14 Days before Relocation

  • Mark and label all equipment, furniture and moving boxes.
  • Cancel subscriptions and deliveries where relevant.
  • Cancel cleaning and maintenance services at the specific premises and arrange for transfer to the new location.
  • Finalise the cubicles, layout and floor plans for setting up in the new location.


Timeline – 7 Days before Relocation

  • Run the cubicle clean-up process.
  • Unplug all unused equipment.


Timeline – 24 Hours before Relocation

  • Set up a pre-move meeting with all the managers.
  • Have final meeting with the office removal company.
  • Ensure that all staff members understand their roles and responsibilities.
  • Minimise staff involvement on the relocation day.


You need to consider various aspects in such a relocation project. No matter how you go about it, there will be work disruption. The idea is to keep this to a minimum and to get your office up and running at the new location as flawlessly as possible. A few other factors which you should keep in mind for specific checklists are discussed below.

Labelling & Wiring

  • Label wiring according to the new premises layout for easy installation.
  • Label electronic equipment with ID numbers according to new premises layout.
  • Label boxes and files with ID numbers according to placement at the new premises.
  • Make use of colour coding according to floors, rooms and specific areas as marked on the floor plan for the new premises.
  • Train staff to be familiar with the coding and ID number system.
  • Confirm that the clean rooms meet your specific standards for hardware.
  • Cable sizes must be determined by using the desk sizes as guidelines.
  • Ensure that backup power is available.
  • Meet with the IT removal team to discuss particulars such as connectivity setup and wiring.



Use the relocation as an opportunity to throw out old and broken furniture and equipment. Also use it as the spring-clean opportunity you have been waiting for. Clean every item with the relevant cleaning agent before it is packed. The same holds true for electronic equipment and furniture.

Electronic Equipment

Make the required backups and move the backup media separately. When you use Elliott Afrovan for your office removal project, you will also have access to our data warehousing and backup services. Our team for IT moving services will assist you throughout the process and because our vehicles have special suspension and lifting equipment, you can be sure that your equipment will arrive at the desired destination unharmed. As part of your electronic checklist, mark off the steps that have been completed:

  • Create an inventory of current IT and electronic equipment.
  • Mark items to be sold or donated.
  • Identify equipment that needs to be repaired before moving.
  • Identify equipment what is likely to be compromised and make arrangements for special transport.
  • Make physical backups of servers.
  • Arrange for data warehousing.
  • Test equipment before the move and setup testing to be done after installation.


Teams & Meetings

  • Create a list of responsibilities for each employee and group.
  • Create a full contact list for key personnel and vendors that can be used on the day of relocation.
  • Make a list of all the phone numbers that will change and list the new numbers.
  • Make test calls once moved, to ensure that the numbers are working.


Elliott Afrovan will assist you throughout the process and you can determine how much of the responsibility you want us to handle. Many of our clients leave the entire office moving process to us, which helps them to minimise the loss of valuable work time. Contact us to discuss your particular relocation project and experience the benefits of working with a professional office removal company.

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